Montoya's Move was Stupid, Says Monteiro

Jordan's Tiago Monteiro labelled Juan Pablo Montoya's move when lapping him at the Turkish Grand Prix as stupid

Colombian Montoya and his McLaren boss Ron Dennis nonetheless pointed their fingers at the Portuguese rookie after Sunday's race.

"Montoya overtakes me two laps from the end and as soon as he overtakes me he crosses and comes back in front of me," said Monteiro.

"I braked early and he braked really early as well...and very hard. I lose downforce and vision, my front wheels lock right away and I couldn't avoid hitting him.

"It was so stupid...he's the first one to talk about it all the time in the briefings -- you don't move position in the braking zone for safety reasons and to avoid this kind of problem," said Monteiro.

"I don't understand what he was thinking. Maybe he thought I was further away."

The Colombian was running second to teammate and race winner Kimi Raikkonen when he came up on backmarker Monteiro, whose Jordan had already been lapped. As Montoya braked for the corner, the Portuguese hit the back of the McLaren.

Montoya then spun and went off the track, handing second place to Renault's Championship leader Fernando Alonso, whose Championship lead was cut by just two points instead of four, a difference that could prove crucial at the end of the season.

Renault are just nine points ahead of McLaren in the Constructors' Championship while Raikkonen lags Alonso by 24 with five races left.

"It should be noted that someone who has been lapped already twice should make certain that he leaves enough room," said Dennis.

Montoya said the incident reminded him of the 2001 Brazilian Grand Prix, also an anti-clockwise circuit, which he led until Dutch driver Jos Verstappen hit the rear of his Williams just after being lapped.

"He did just a bit like what Verstappen did to me a few years back. I did the first few corners fine then went into turn eight and had no rear grip and I could not keep on line," said the Colombian, who finished third and set the fastest lap.

"He just hit me completely and broke all the diffuser....It was a bit of a shame because we were looking really good for the constructors' championship with a one-two but we still scored good points."

Monteiro could not remember the Brazilian race but said Montoya should at least have learned from the experience.

"If it was the same, then maybe he should know that you don't go back in front of someone when you've just overtaken him because the guy behind loses downforce completely," he said.

"I was braking and nothing was happening."

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