Minardi to Use Cosworth V10s Next Year

Minardi have confirmed that they will continue to run V10 engines next year, after announcing on Tuesday that they have signed a fresh deal with engine supplier Cosworth

Although Formula One is switching to V8s next season, the sport's governing body have made it clear that teams will be allowed to run rev-limited V10 engines if they do not have access to the smaller power-units.

The larger engines will be pegged back so that they do not out-perform the newer V8 power-units.

Minardi's new car, the PS05, has been built around the new Cosworth TJ 90-degree V10 engine and, as Autosport-Atlas's The Weekly Grapevine predicted last week, the team were clearly considering running the same specification of engine for 2006 and possibly beyond.

Team boss Paul Stoddart said about his new deal: "We have been exceptionally impressed with the TJ2005 engine just in the short time we have been running it in the PS05.  We can't praise highly enough the power, driveability and reliability of the new power unit, and we are more than pleased to demonstrate our belief in Cosworth by entering into this contractual arrangement at an early stage of the new season. 

"In terms of engine supply, this is definitely the right way for Minardi to go.  The team has enjoyed a strong relationship with Cosworth over the years, and on both a technical and a personal basis, we now look forward to continuing that excellent relationship."

Stoddart could in theory run the V10 engines until the end of the current Concorde Agreement in 2007, as has been laid down in F1's new technical regulations. Only last week he told Autosport-Atlas that he would be willing to go to court to ensure the rules were not changed to force him to switch to a V8.

"The rule is there to ensure teams have access to an economical alternative, and what is more economical than running this year's chassis and engines again," said Stoddart. "I'll tell you what: if they (the FIA) as much as change any wording of that article, let alone remove it, they'll have a fight on their hands. We won in Melbourne and showed them up, and we'll win again, and this time I won't be railroaded the way I was in Melbourne."

The Cosworth deal means that the famous British engine builder will definitely continue in Formula One, irrespective of whether the company manages to find another technical partner to replace Red Bull Racing.

Tim Routsis, Cosworth managing director, said: "Cosworth is delighted to be extending its partnership with Minardi into 2006, as it's a team with which we have enjoyed a longstanding, and close relationship over the years.

"It's also fair to say there are mutual benefits in such an arrangement.  On the one hand, it has always been an integral part of Cosworth's philosophy to test its products to the limit at the top levels of international motorsport. 

"On the other, it is pleasing for our company, which is now an independent engine manufacturer, to continue to support one of the last true independent teams on the Formula One grid."      

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