Mercedes' Wolff sets out what Bottas must do to keep seat for 2020

Valtteri Bottas must perform at the same level as Lewis Hamilton in the 2019 Formula 1 season to keep his Mercedes race seat for next year, says boss Toto Wolff

Bottas had a disappointing 2018 campaign where, despite a strong start, he ended up failing to win a race while team-mate Hamilton captured the world title.

With Mercedes reserve Esteban Ocon looking for a way back to an F1 race seat in 2020, Mercedes has an obvious option if Bottas does not lift his game.

Wolff thinks that one of the key factors that went against Bottas in 2018 was bad luck, which included him losing a victory in Baku when he ran over debris on the track.

But he made clear Bottas must perform at a higher level, and says the driver himself is well aware of that.

"Valtteri knows exactly where he needs to be next year," said Wolff.

"He needs to have all the bad luck gone and perform on a level with Lewis. That is what is needed for the 2020 year. He knows very well that, and he has that in him."

Wolff warned that the challenge will be even harder this year as Hamilton keeps raising his game.

"Lewis improving means Valtteri needs to improve," explained Wolff.

"I've seen that improvement all the time with him, but you are going against a five-time world champion.

"He needs a start where it's right up there with Lewis and all the other drivers for the championship. That is what he needs."

Wolff underlined that he believes Bottas is capable of producing a performance good enough to take the fight to Hamilton, and to challenge for the title in his own right.

"We are seeing the best Lewis that I've seen in the last six years, and there is a reason why he is a five-time world champion," he said.

"Beating a five-time world champion at the peak of his performance, is going to be very difficult and Valtteri knows that. But I think that he has it in him.

"He can win - he has proven it [in 2018] on a few occasions, but he had bad luck or was in a position where he could not win.

"If that turns into a positive momentum that is actually driving for the championship, I think that Valtteri can win the championship."

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