Herbert: Davidson can be Jordan's Leader

Briton Anthony Davidson could be the team leader that struggling Jordan need on the track, according to sporting director Johnny Herbert

The BAR reserve driver will test for Jordan after this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix and is a front-runner to race for them next season when the Toyota-powered Formula One team is renamed Midland.

"He's the type of driver that would be a very good core part of the future here, so hopefully that would be something we can get together," said former Grand Prix driver Herbert.

"He's one that you would seriously look at and say he'd be your leader, he's one of the better ones out there for sure," the Briton told Reuters.

"That's what you need. In this day and age, in modern Formula One, you do need a proper leader."

Davidson is eager to put years of testing behind him for a race drive.

He has started three races for Minardi and BAR as a stand-in, without finishing any, and is highly-rated for his technical feedback.

Herbert, who was Michael Schumacher's teammate at Benetton in 1994 and 1995, said the test would allow both sides to have a closer look at what each had to offer.

"The opportunity for both of us is there," he said.

"If we can all get together and get into a position where we can do the right deal for both of us for the future of his career and the new career with Midland, I think it will be a very positive thing.

"He can see if he's comfortable and so can we."

Jordan plan to test Davidson on September 13. BAR boss Nick Fry said that would clash with his team's testing in Barcelona but was sure a solution could be reached.

"We'd be disappointed to lose Anthony if he chose to go but we've said many times we wouldn't stand in his way," said Fry.

"I'm sure he'll do a good job in the test and they want to demonstrate to him they have a car worthy of his talent.

"At the end of the day it's Anthony's decision...the Jordan is not one of the front-running cars but if they have the potential to give him a race drive as opposed to testing then he should consider that carefully."

Honda-backed BAR will have a vacancy if Briton Jenson Button fails to extricate himself from a contract with Williams but other drivers are ahead of the 26-year-old Davidson.

Jordan's current drivers are Indian Narain Karthikeyan and Portugal's Tiago Monteiro, both rookies this year.

"I guess they are in the picture but of course we've got to look at what is out there at the same time," said Herbert of their chances.

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