Hamilton focused on his own pace, not Mercedes test scandal

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that sorting out his own performance is a bigger worry than the secret test controversy his Mercedes team is engulfed in

The Briton endured a difficult time at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he was outqualified by team-mate Nico Rosberg for the third time in a row and then missed out on a podium spot after a slow in-lap for a pitstop.

And although his team faces a difficult few weeks with an investigation from the FIA over a secret Pirelli tyre test it conducted after the Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton insists that his main concern is his own performance.

When asked about if he had any fears about what might happen over the testing controversy, Hamilton said: "I'm not concerned about it, that's for the team to worry about.

"I just have to focus on myself and try and get my act together."

"[The test] is for you guys to speak to Pirelli about. We were required to do some work, we did some work. It was good fun."

Reflecting on a recent run of difficult weekends, Hamilton thinks it is up to him rather than the team to get him back on form.

"I've got to step back, re-evaluate and move forward," he said. "I've got lots to sort out on my side of the garage, and within myself, and I'll take time to do that.

"I'm not quick enough, not on it enough, so I need to get on it.

"There's not really much more to learn with the team or the car. There is just more for me to improve on."

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