Fry: Talks have made good progress

Nick Fry, the chief executive officer of Brawn, believes teams have found some common ground with the FIA, despite failing to reach an agreement with Max Mosley on Friday

The teams spent several hours in discussions with the governing body at the Automobile Club de Monaco, but their meeting ended without agreement about a way forward that both the teams and the FIA are happy with.

With time running out ahead of next week's entry deadline for the 2010 championship, more meetings are now scheduled to take place over the Monaco weekend.

Speaking about the state of play, Fry said there were some some positive signs that came out of the meeting.

"Proposals were made on both sides and common ground was found so I'm sure there will be more discussion," he explained. "It was a good meeting and everyone's made some progress."

When asked how quickly he reckoned a resolution to the situation could be found, Fry said: "I think it will be done this weekend."

A Ferrari spokesman added: "It was a long constructive but not definitive meeting, so there will be more talks in the next few days."

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