Exclusive: FIA tests night racing at Indy

The FIA has conducted its first viability test for night racing, can reveal, with a special evaluation taking place at Indianapolis on Thursday night

With moves being made to put on Formula One's first night race in Singapore next year, the sport's governing body began a surprise evaluation into whether tracks will be safe enough to race at night.

At around 9:30 pm on Thursday night, once it had got dark, a number of lights that had been set up during the evening were turned on at the first few corners of Indianapolis' Grand Prix circuit specifically to test visibility for cars running at speed.

American company Musco lights, which has done NASCAR, IRL and Champ Car night races in the United States, was asked to providing the lighting clusters for the tests.

The FIA's safety car, with Bernd Maylander at the wheel, and medical cars drove through the corners backwards and forwards for about 30 minutes to check on visibility.

As well as that, television cameras were used to evaluate whether or not it would be easy to film cars in a night race situation.

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