Don't slow Schuey down

Michael Schumacher's domination of Formula 1 is bad for the sport, according to the majority of readers who responded to Autosport's Readers' F1 Poll published in the July 22 edition of the magazine. But they do not want the German to be slowed down by artificial means

The Poll gave fans of F1 the opportunity to express their views on the current state of affairs in motorsport's highest echelon with 49 per cent of the thousands of readers who responded believing that Schumacher's 11 wins from 12 races this season had negatively affected their interest in F1.

Only 21 per cent of the readers believed imposing artificial performance handicaps on Schumacher would be the best way to improve the spectacle, though - their preferred choice of handicap is the success ballast, employed by other series such as the BTCC.

While adding ballasts could be an option, readers are keen to see the removal of certain devices in order to spice up the show given that just five per cent of the readers were satisfied with the current level of overtaking in the sport. Fifty per cent believe a ban on driver aids would have the desired result while 30 per cent thought the removal of wings would be a good idea while 19 per cent would like to see the introduction of harder-compound tyres.

Unsurprisingly, just five per cent of the readers were happy with the existing qualifying format of two back-to-back sessions. The preferred options are a having a single open session with limited laps (30%) and a single session followed by a top-10 Superpole shoot-out (31%).

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