Coulthard Embarrassed by Indy Fiasco

David Coulthard said he was embarrassed after several teams pulled into the pits ahead of the start of the US Grand Prix, leaving just six cars to start the race

Several of the 10 two-car teams had said they would only race if an extra chicane was installed for safety reasons because of concern over the durability of the tyres.

The sport's governing body ruled out the chicane while champions Ferrari were also against the idea.

The six cars that started the race were the Ferraris, the Jordans and the Minardis.

"I have a really horrible feeling in my stomach," Coulthard told ITV. "I have never experienced anything like this in my career before.

"It is remarkable we could not find a solution to go racing, we have the viewers we have the crowd here and to come here and not race this is going to leave a long-lasting bitter taste in people's mouths.

"As a driver I am embarrassed by this situation.

"This is a unique situation and on the grounds of safety they could have taken that stance, the reality is that mature adults were not able to come to a resolution to put on a show, it is a very sad day for the sport I have to say. "

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