Briatore says new F1 rules a success

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore has labelled this year's regulations a success, claiming he has never enjoyed watching racing so much

The Italian was always one of the main backers of radical changes to improve the show in Formula 1, and he has admitted he is pleased with what the rules have achieved so far this year.

Briatore also praised the job done by Pirelli with its tyres, something he reckons is a big factor in the more exciting races seen this year.

"I've seen the race on TV and I confess that I've never enjoyed myself so much," Briatore told Gazzetta dello Sport. "We used to get bored with car processions: who got off ahead would stay there until the end, if he didn't make mistakes.

"Instead every option is open now: Webber starts in 18th place and ends up just seven seconds off the winner, and with a few extra laps perhaps he could have won.

"A driver's ability is brought out by both his driving and his tactical reasoning because in the end, if you look at the classification at the finish, the best emerge.

"So I must say that the new rules have finally made F1 a thrill. Before it was depressive, while now there is unpredictability. The tyres have changed things for the better."

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