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Adventures of a resource-restricted journalist

The 2010 Formula 1 season was all about change, whether it be on the track, the points system or cost-saving things were different this season. But one thing remained the same - Tony Dodgins's mildly chaotic approach to grand prix travel

So, the end of another year of hectic travel. Apart that is, from a festive trip to Scotland to visit friends and take the kids onto the ice in Edinburgh while supping mulled wine (me, not them). Quite why the other half decided to book three days in Peebles with Scotland under two foot of snow, I've no idea...

Resource restriction (commonly known as being skint) is just as pertinent to freelance F1 journalists as to F1 teams. Consequently, pretty much as soon as the calendar comes out and certainly well before Christmas, you're trawling through sites - Easyjet, Ryanair,, etc, looking for cheapies to places like Barcelona, Nice, Valencia, Istanbul, Budapest, Milan etc.

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