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The first F1 2019 front wing designs have hit the track today in Hungary testing. 1 / 9
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Williams joined Force India in trialling the new concept. 2 / 9
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The intention of the new rules is to make the wings more simple than they are at the moment. 3 / 9
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It is hoped that simpler wings will help drivers to follow each other closely on track. 4 / 9
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The early morning work consisted of low-speed aero runs to judge the effect of the new wings. 5 / 9
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Turning vanes on the wings will be banned in 2019. 6 / 9
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The changes for next year are considered a first step towards F1's 2021 overhaul. 7 / 9
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Aero rakes help the teams get an early understanding of the changes. 8 / 9
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The new designs should prevent teams being able to push air around the outside of the front tyre. 9 / 9
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