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Live text
Formula 1 United States GP

F1 United States GP Live Commentary and Updates – Sprint Quali & Race

Saturday's action from the 18th round of the 2023 Formula 1 season

After Charles Leclerc grabbed pole position in Friday’s qualifying for the grand prix on Sunday at the Circuit of the Americas, it is another F1 sprint Saturday.

Sprint qualifying starts at 6:30pm BST to order the grid for the fifth sprint race of the season, which begins at 11pm BST.

By: Megan White, Haydn Cobb

  • Max Verstappen wins US GP sprint race by almost 10 seconds ahead of Hamilton, with Leclerc third
  • He is the first F1 driver to win three sprints in one season
  • Russell relegated one place to eighth after five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage to pass Piastri
  • Stroll retires with brake issue
  1. Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Hamilton, Mercedes
  3. Leclerc, Ferrari
  4. Norris, McLaren
  5. Perez, Red Bull
  6. Sainz, Ferrari
  7. Gasly, Alpine
  8. Russell, Mercedes
  9. Albon, Williams
  10. Piastri, McLaren
Status: Stopped
Given Sunday is seven minutes away (in the UK at least) we'll call time on this live text coverage of the US GP sprint Saturday. We'll be back tomorrow for the build-up to the US GP which starts at 8pm BST. Until then, go well!
So that was the sprint race. Verstappen controlled it from pole, but he has a much tougher challenge tomorrow given he starts from sixth place. Let's see what Sunday brings.
Here's the race report on the US GP sprint race - Verstappen's six sprint race win out of 11 in total:
Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Leclerc on his start against Verstappen and third place: "I had to go for it, there was a gap, but then it was tight and I lost a position to Lewis. But they were stronger on race pace."
Hamilton on second place: "That was a fun race, a good start down to Turn 1, a good battle with Charles and I was trying early on to get close to Max but their pace is just undeniable at the moment. But I am happy that we are a bit closer."
Verstappen on his US GP sprint win: "[The start] was quite tight but luckily there is a lot of space going into Turn 1 so that definitely helps. After that we could do our own race and control our pace."
Verstappen slips out of his Red Bull and appears content with his day's work. It wasn't the most memorable of F1 sprint races, but the Dutch driver won't care one bit.
With Albon in the unlucky ninth place, Piastri takes 10th ahead of Ocon, Ricciardo, Alonso, Tsunoda, Hulkenberg, Bottas, Zhou, Magnussen and Sargeant as the final finisher.
Norris just misses out on catching Leclerc so settles for fourth, with Perez fifth and Sainz sixth. Russell's penalty drops him to eighth and behind Gasly - but he keeps 0.3s ahead of Albon for the final points place.
Verstappen wins the United States GP sprint race! Hamilton takes second and Leclerc completes the podium.
Zhou's been given a five-second penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage. He's currently 16th and not doing much with it.
Russell is still stuck behind Sainz and is now at risk of scoring no points today. Albon, in ninth, is on the edge of five seconds behind Russell.
Stroll retires from the sprint race on lap 17 as his brakes have gone on his Aston Martin. He was limited to five laps in practice due to a brake issue, so more brake misery for the Canadian.
It is a good distraction for this sprint race fizzling out. Verstappen is in control with a 6.2s lead over Hamilton and he also has six seconds in hand over Leclerc.
Back in Spain Russell mistook sweat for rain on his visor and now his car thinks it is raining in COTA with the sun shining. How odd.
Russell's rain lights on his car appear to be on for some reason.
Further back it is a great move by Ricciardo to go around the outside on Stroll at Turn 1 to gain 12th place.
Russell vs Sainz into Turn 1 at COTA flashbacks of last year are avoided, as Sainz cuts back under Russell to retain sixth place into Turn 2.
The gaps between the frontrunners have all stretched out, with Russell stuck behind Sainz in the fight for sixth.
After that early concern Verstappen is travelling serenely towards this sprint race win. The gap is 4.2s over Hamilton at the start of lap 13.
On lap 11 Perez only needs DRS to fly by Sainz to take fifth place. The Spaniard has Russell 1.2s behind him but the Mercedes driver has that five-second penalty remember.
Sainz now has Perez for company as his soft tyre gamble isn't paying off.
On lap 10 Norris gets by Sainz, using DRS, on the way into Turn 12. That puts the McLaren driver up to fourth.
10 laps to go and Verstappen's lead is 2.8s over Hamilton and Leclerc is 3.6s back on Hamilton.
Piastri is having a stinker. He's struggling to keep his McLaren on the track and he's been shown the black and white flag for track limits - one more and he'll get a penalty.
Norris looks for a move on Sainz at Turn 12 but the Ferrari driver fights back to retain fourth place. Their squabble is inviting Perez into the battle.
Verstappen is pulling clear at the front, as on lap eight he is 2.3s clear of Hamilton. The driveability issue that was troubling him earlier appears to have been solved.
Piastri is sinking through the order as he loses ninth place to Albon.
Russell has been given a five-second penalty for leaving the track overtaking Piastri.