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Live text
Formula 1 United States GP

F1 United States GP Live Commentary and Updates – Race

Minute-by-minute updates for the 2023 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix

Max Verstappen controlled the US GP sprint race on Saturday, but takes on a trickier challenge in the grand prix as he starts from sixth place with Charles Leclerc on pole.

While the Red Bull driver remains favourite, having wrapped up the F1 world drivers’ title last time out in Qatar, his rivals will be looking to spring an upset at the Circuit of the Americas.

The US GP starts at 8pm BST.

By: Haydn Cobb, Megan White

  • Verstappen wins from sixth on the grid to take his 15th victory of 2023 and the 50th of his F1 career. Hamilton second, Norris third
  • Verstappen takes the lead of the race on lap 28, having started sixth
  • Piastri retires after 10 laps. Ocon is also out of the race. They had made contact with each other at the start
  • Norris passes Leclerc for the lead at the start
  1. Verstappen
  2. Hamilton
  3. Norris
  4. Sainz
  5. Perez
  6. Leclerc
  7. Russell
  8. Gasly
  9. Stroll
  10. Tsunoda
Status: Stopped
That'll wrap up the live text coverage of the US GP weekend. Never fear, we'll be back next weekend for the Mexican GP which sees the return of the traditional format. Until then, have a wonderful rest of your Sunday. Go well!
McLaren is up to fourth at the expense of Aston Martin in the F1 world constructors' standings with the haul of points from Norris, while in the drivers' Perez's hold on second place over Hamilton is down to 19 points.
Verstappen and company get busy with the fizzy to finish things off. Here's the US GP race report:
Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Photo by: Glenn Dunbar / Motorsport Images

Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing RB19

Further boos follow for Verstappen when he is handed the US GP winners' trophy.
The boos subside as the Dutch and Austrian national anthems are played as a pairing for the 50th time in F1.
After some decent chitchat on the cooldown room, the podium trio come out on to the rostrum, but Verstappen is greeted by some boos that are followed by chants of "Checo!"
Norris also picked up the driver of the day award, so who is the real winner today? It is the one they all want...

Norris on third place: "Leading the race, we controlled it a lot, but just not enough today. We knew our struggles, the degradation, and the pace at the start of the race and start of stints was strong, but I couldn't hold on."

Hamilton on second place and coming so close to catching Verstappen: "Firstly we have to congratulate these guys [Red Bull] and Max, they've done an incredible job all year. They've been flawless. We were catching them towards the end and I was hopeful but we needed some more laps."
Verstappen on his not-so-straightforward US GP win: "I think the whole race I was struggling with the brakes. I couldn't have the same feeling as yesterday which made my race tougher."
Just the three DNFs: Alonso, Piastri and Ocon. That was the United States GP.
Tsunoda completes the points places and with the fastest lap he doubles his tally! Albon, with a late penalty, is 11th ahead of Sargeant and Hulkenberg. Bottas, Zhou, Magnussen and Ricciardo complete the finishers.
Sainz takes fourth ahead of Perez and Leclerc, with Russell just 0.3s off in seventh. Gasly takes eighth with Stroll going from the pitlane to finish ninth.
Looks like that gamble paid off - Tsunoda takes the fastest lap!
Verstappen wins the United States GP! He holds on to record his 50th career win in F1! Hamilton has to settle for second and Norris completes the podium.
Verstappen gets DRS off a lapped Zhou on the back straight which gives him a helpful boost to reach the finish...
On to the final lap and Verstappen's lead is 1.8s over Hamilton. This is going to be close.
Tsunoda stops again for the soft tyres. A chance to take the fastest lap, perhaps?
Verstappen is clearly managing a brake issue, so can he hold on to the finish? The gap is 2.2s with 1 and 1/2 laps to go.
Or is it? Verstappen's really feeling the pressure as the gap is down to 3s with two laps to go.
Verstappen leads by 4.3s from Hamilton and is still able to match his pace, so with four laps to go his 50th F1 career win is within touching distance.
Ferrari abandoning Leclerc has left him a sitting duck to Perez, who gets by at Turn 1 to take fifth place.
Ferrari ordered Leclerc to let Sainz by because they sniff a podium with Norris slow ahead. It is a long shot with a 4.3s gap and just under five laps to go.
Albon receives a five-second penalty for exceeding track limits. He's running 11th at the moment.
"Why did I have to let Sainz by? Let's talk after the race," Leclerc requests over team radio. Given he started on pole, this has not been a good day for the Monegasque.
Ricciardo also stopped again for the soft compound tyre and is running 17th and last.
Race over for Alonso. He's the third retirement of today.
Leclerc's one-stop strategy is proving the wrong call by Ferrari as he concedes a place to Sainz, as the Spaniard moves into fourth place.
Russell, running seventh, currently holds the fastest lap.
So, Hamilton is up to second on lap 49 but he has a 5.2s gap to close on Verstappen to fight for the win.