Live: F1 Monaco Grand Prix FP3 & qualifying

Follow all of the live action from Saturday at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

F1 is in Monaco for the sixth round this weekend and its jewel in the crown, as the paddock takes to the streets of Monte Carlo. 

This should have been round seven on the calendar, but the weather emergency in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy led to last week's Imola event being cancelled. 

Red Bull will be looking to continue its run of 1-2 finishes in 2023, with Max Verstappen eager to strengthen his position as the championship leader after leading FP2 on Friday from the Ferrari duo.

FP3 starts at 11:30am BST on Saturday, with qualifying at 3pm BST.

By: Stephen Lickorish, Lewis Duncan, Sam Hall



  • Verstappen snatches Monaco pole from Alonso
  • Leclerc third, Hamilton top Mercedes in sixth
  • Perez to start last after Q1 crash

  1. Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Alonso, Aston Martin
  3. Leclerc, Ferrari
  4. Ocon, Alpine
  5. Sainz, Ferrari
  6. Hamilton, Mercedes
  7. Gasly, Alpine
  8. Russell, Mercedes
  9. Tsunoda, AlphaTauri
  10. Norris, McLaren
Status: Stopped
Now, tomorrow's race will have to go some to match the excitement of today's qualifying! But, with the possibility of some rain around and the ever-threatening Monaco walls, there could well be some more entertainment. Join us at just before 2pm BST tomorrow for all the build-up. Bye for now.
There's just been a replay of that incident and Norris came across Leclerc going slowly in the middle of the track in the tunnel. Seems like a slam-dunk impeding penalty if ever there was one, so perhaps Leclerc's Monaco misfortune will continue.
Meanwhile, the stewards are investigating a potential impeding incident between Norris and Leclerc.
"Tomorrow we will try to win," says Alonso, who adds the Aston struggles more in the final sector - where Verstappen gained all that time at the end.
"We knew this was going to be a little bit of a struggle for us, but we kept on improving," says Verstappen. "In qualifying, you need to go all out and risk it all!"
"I'm not satisfied with P3 - it was a very tricky qualifying session, I struggled a lot with the car," says Leclerc, who missed out on a third consecutive pole on home Tarmac.
So, to recap after all that drama, it's Verstappen heading Alonso and Leclerc. Then it's Ocon, Sainz and Hamilton. Norris ended up 10th, but just getting onto the track for that one was a great result for him.
Verstappen even hit the wall as he set that time right at the end. Just incredible.
The entire pitlane was celebrating at different points there. First Leclerc, then Alonso and then Red Bull and Verstappen.
Verstappen found three tenths in the final sector to claw pole from that - boy did he have to work for it.
And the answer is pole! For all of the challenges, it's the Red Bull driver who does it in the end.
Now it's Alonso! He goes three hundredths quicker. Ocon is in the pits so he won't improve but what about Verstappen?
And Leclerc goes top - it's a 1m11.471s to go a tenth quicker. But what can the others manage?
Leclerc goes purple in the first sector! This is going to be close.
Norris has gone ninth to beat Tsunoda in his hurriedly repaired McLaren.
We've still got three minutes to go - pick a pole winner from this lot!
Make it six! It's Ocon who goes fastest now! What's happening here?!
Hamilton now jumps up to third! We've got five drivers separated by a tenth of a second here!
Verstappen now jumps to the top of the times with a 1m11.654s - but that's only half a tenth quicker than Alonso still.
Wow, epic job by the McLaren mechanics as Norris' battered machine heads out on track. Whether he can set a decent lap time is another question, however.
Russell now improves to go fourth and knock Verstappen back another place.
"I'm pushing like an animal, mate!" says Alonso when told he's quickest.
The Alpines are currently fifth and sixth, while the Mercedes machines are seventh and ninth as Norris is still in the pits.
The Ferraris also slot in between Alonso and Verstappen, both of the red cars less than a tenth slower than Alonso. Game on!
And Alonso is faster! Four tenths faster! The Aston goes to the top of the times: a 1m11.706s.
Verstappen is the first one to set a time with a 1m12.102s - not a brilliant one, though.
Alonso goes quicker than Verstappen in the first sector, but let's not get carried away just yet!
With the exception of Norris, everyone else has headed out to again try to get a decent early lap on the board.
Here we go, the big one. Monaco GP pole position shootout. Sit back and enjoy!
Verstappen is again waiting at the end of the pitlane with a minute to before Q3 begins.
Right, let's take a breath and look ahead to an intriguing Q3. There's only one Red Bull in the mix so a Ferrari, Aston or Mercedes (or perhaps someone else) will get on the front row. But can one of them grab pole? Not long until we find out.
"This car is hard to drive," says Hamilton, who is clearly struggling again - although he was only fractionally slower than Russell in Q2.
McLaren mechanics are now frantically working on Norris' car but, given he struck the barriers with both the left and right side, there's plenty of work to do. Will he get out?
Out after Q2, therefore, are: Piastri, de Vries, Albon, Stroll and Bottas.
So Stroll is the 'big' name to drop out in this one. He's half a second slower than team-mate Alonso but that's the difference between third and 14th.
But he need not have worried, Hamilton jumps up to fifth! For the second session in a row, he finds a time right at the end when he really needs it.
The chequered flag is out but Hamilton is worried about tyre temperatures after slowing to a crawl just then.
There's now an enormous traffic jam at Rascasse as everyone tries to find some space for one final attempt.