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F1 Dutch GP Live commentary and updates - Race

Live updates for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort.

F1 Dutch GP Live commentary and updates - Race

By: Jake Boxall-Legge, Haydn Cobb, Tom Howard


  • The Dutch GP begins at 1400 BST (1500 local time)
  • Verstappen starts on pole from Hamilton
  • Perez and Latifi to start from pitlane
  • Verstappen leads Hamilton and Bottas from the start.
  • Ricciardo dropping oil from his McLaren. Team says no issue with car.
  • Hamilton blinks first, pits on lap 19, Verstappen covers the stop and emerges ahead of the Brit. Bottas leads on a one stop.
  • Verstappen passes Bottas to retake the lead Hamilton P2 on lap 31/72
  • Hamilton makes second stop for mediums, Verstappen covers the stop again but switches to hards. Verstappen leads Hamilton.
  • Verstappen wins the Dutch GP by 20.9s from Hamilton with Bottas in third.  
  • Hamilton takes the point for the fastest lap on the final lap. 


  1. Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Hamilton. Mercedes
  3. Bottas, Mercedes
  4. Gasly, AlphaTauri
  5. Leclerc, Ferrari 
  6. Alonso, Alpine
  7. Sainz, Ferrari
  8. Perez, Red Bull
  9. Ocon, Alpine
  10. Norris, McLaren
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Thanks everyone for tuning in - we'll be back once again for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza! Have a pleasant afternoon!
If Nicholas Latifi eventually wins a race at Montreal, F1 HAS to rope Alanis Morrisette into proceedings somehow.
Dispensing with the usual podium traditions, Davina Michelle gets an encore to sing the national anthem again.
Verstappen is soaking up the adulation like a sponge, basking in the delight of the home crowd. It was only going to go one way today, really.
Ex-F1 driver and sex toy entrepreneur Robert Doornbos is handling the post-race interviews.
Naturally, Verstappen is back in control of the drivers' standings now.
There's orange smoke absolutely everywhere as the flares are let off. The home fans are reasonably pleased, let's say.
Leclerc is fifth, ahead of Alonso, Sainz, Perez, Ocon and Norris.
Bottas completes the podium after his, ahem, fastest lap attempt, finishing ahead of Gasly, who keeps fourth with a sterling drive.
Hamilton DOES get the fastest lap, a 1m11.097s, as he takes a conciliatory second place.
And Alonso gets by Sainz on the final lap to take P6!
The crowd goes ABSOLUTELY wild, as Max Verstappen wins the Dutch Grand Prix!
Perez is up to P8, getting by Ocon late in this race. After the start he made to this race that is a solid recovery by the Mexican.
Hamilton gets soft tyres now for an attempt at the fastest lap. This seems...unnecessary, given it was Hamilton's point anyway.
Russell also pits late on, which at least allows him to serve his earlier five-second time penalty for speeding in the pitlane, which sees the Williams driver drop to P15.
Bottas does set the fastest lap, however, a 1m12.549s. He was told to abort it, he doesn't, and now he's going to be in trouble...
"We're not going for fastest," Bottas is told. "Why did we stop," Bottas asks, and is told it was precautionary and totally not to build a gap for Hamilton to stop in.
Bottas comes in for a second stop, for some reason. Hamilton has the fastest lap at the moment, and Mercedes won't be too willing to let Bottas take it...will they?
Perez gets ahead of Norris to take P9 but it was a very physical fight. Norris, on the inside of Turn 1, has a couple of wheel-to-wheel nudges with Perez on his outside, with the Red Bull driver getting better drive to Turns 2 and 3 to make the move stick.
That's another very slow lap for Leclerc, a 1m17.7s, compared to the mid-1m15s of the cars around him. He recovers with a 1m16.0s, but there must have been some kind of delay.
Further ahead of the Perez/Norris battle Alonso is sizing up Sainz in the fight for sixth place.
Leclerc did a moderately slow lap last time around, giving Gasly more breathing space as he hopes to keep P4 on aged mediums.
Credit to Norris, he's been able to keep Perez at bay even as the Red Bull has had the DRS boost over the last two laps. If he can do it for another eight laps, P9 will be his.
"Gap at 3.8s," Verstappen is told. "Is he complaining about something," retorts the Dutch driver, almost as if he's au fait with a Lewis race radio rant.
It looks as though Hamilton no longer has an answer for Verstappen out front, however, and continues to lose ground. The lead is now 4s.
Perez is eating into the gap to Norris ahead by over a second per lap. The Red Bull is almost within DRS range now.
But on lap 60, Verstappen and Hamilton have no traffic to contend with - the Dutchman adding another 0.4s to his advantage.
Verstappen gets a nicer run with lapping Giovinazzi and Latifi, putting a second back on Hamilton.
Traffic playing a big role in this lead battle here - it's like racing on the M25 at rush hour.
"Let's go! Who's next?" Perez shouts over his team radio. Norris is eight seconds ahead in P9, Checo.
Ricciardo's road block role against Perez doesn't last long as the Red Bull driver gets ahead into P10, making the move around the outside of Turn 1.
Mercedes tells Hamilton to take it a little easy and cement a decent points haul. Hamilton tells his team that he'd rather go after Verstappen and try to win. We're paraphrasing slightly.
Hamilton's now within two seconds of Verstappen now, so despite his earlier gripes, he's giving it a go.
"Gap to Perez is one second, let's go and try to hold him up," Ricciardo is told over his McLaren team radio. Strategy at play with Norris in P9 eight seconds up the road.
Gasly's going to have a job to get to the end on his mediums and keep fourth; Leclerc's coming back at him at a decent rate of knots.
"No power!" Tsunoda cries over his team radio as he retires from the race on lap 51.
The Red Bull driver makes light work of getting by Russell, as Perez dives up the inside at Turn 11. He'll be chasing down both McLarens next, who switched Norris ahead of Ricciardo earlier, to climb back into the points.