F1 British GP Live Updates - Race day


By: Jake Boxall-Legge


Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix with a puncture
Verstappen gets second, Leclerc third
Bottas misses points after late puncture
Hulkenberg a non-starter, Magnussen, Kvyat, Sainz didn't finish
Status: Stopped
10:09 We need to go and have a lie down. Hopefully you enjoyed that race - take care, and we'll be back for next weekend!
10:06 What's the difference between Lewis Hamilton's left-front and an overgrown swamp? One's a mangled tyre, the other's a tangled mire.
09:59 Hamilton appears to have two trophies there - after hanging onto that tyre, that's probably a fair reward!
09:56 Wellity, wellity, wellity. I think we've just about calmed down after we had to spend those last few laps typing like a court stenographer. By the by, we are open to offers.
09:52 Hamilton: "In the last few laps I started to back off, and then on the last lap it just deflated. It was heart-in-the-mouth. I nearly didn't get round the last two corners."
09:52 It's supposed to be softer tyres for next week too, so one imagines either Pirelli will review that or there'll be more pops than a bubble-wrap factory.
09:48 I don't think any of us expected that ending. Hamilton inspects that shredded tyre, poking around inside to check the damage. "That was close," he remarks, presumably requiring a fresh pair of trousers too.
09:47 On the replays, you can just see those tyres completely delaminating and tearing themselves to pieces.
09:45 Shades of 2013 with those tyre failures. Verstappen's tyres were intact, but the man himself will be deflated not to have won that. Did he need to pit?
09:44 Bad luck for Bottas in P11 as he finishes ahead of Russell, Sainz who had his late puncture, Giovinazzi, Latifi, Grosjean and Raikkonen.
09:44 Blimey, that was an unexpected finish.
09:43 Ricciardo claims fourth, with Norris fifth, Ocon sixth, with Gasly, Albon, Stroll and Vettel completing the top 10.
09:43 Sainz's puncture puts him back out in the race but outside of the points. Meanwhile Bottas, who pitted after his puncture, can't get ahead of Vettel on the final lap and misses out on the final point position in P11.
09:42 Verstappen grabs second, as Leclerc grabs a podium too!
09:42 Hamilton, JUST ABOUT hangs onto that tyre, and wins the British Grand Prix!
09:41 Hamilton's in a race against time here, as his tyre has shredded to pieces!
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