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By: Geoff Creighton

Raikkonen goes fastest using the softest 'C5' tyre compound
The Williams runs for the first time
McLaren misses first two hours
Renault not using DRS following Tuesday failure
Grosjean causes Haas's second red flag
Status: Stopped
Driver, Team, Time, Tyre
Verstappen,Red Bull,1m18.787s,C3
Perez,Racing Point,1m20.102s,C3
Raikkonen,Alfa Romeo,1m17.762s,C5
Kvyat,Toro Rosso,1m17.704s,C5
Thanks for joining us on day three. Keep up with the Autosport website and YouTube and social media channels for emerging stories through the evening.

In the meantime, join us again tomorrow for the final day of action, and here's our afternoon report.
Barcelona F1 test report: Daniil Kvyat fastest for Toro Rosso
Aaaaaand the clock strikes 0:00, so that is day three of F1 testing 2019 done. Kvyat fastest from Raikkonen. No, seriously.
Unlikely to be any more running, so it looks like Raikkonen wins the lap contest narrowly over Kvyat. I'm sure the Alfa man is thrilled.

Total laps:
Raikkonen - 138
Kvyat - 137
Vettel - 134
Verstappen - 104
Hamilton - 94
Sainz - 90
Bottas - 88
Ricciardo - 80
Grosjean - 69
Perez - 67
Hulkenberg - 63
Fittipaldi - 48
Russell - 23
As Verstappen comes back to the pits, he spends a prolonged period of time sat outside the Red Bull garage with his engine running.
Grosjean is out of the car, which has stopped at Turn 6. He's having a quick look at the rear of the Haas now he's taken his crash helmet off.
Only four minutes left on the clock, so you'd assume that's it for today.
That's frustrating for Williams, which had just sent Russell out in a car caked in aero paint. Hopefully one lap of data from that is enough.
Russell heads back out in the Williams with less than 10 minutes to go, to take the team over the 'filming day'* mileage cap. It's all proper testing from now!

*We know they've not been doing a filming day up to now
Another five laps have passed since we updated you on Verstappen's pace on what is becoming a decent long run. He's still just about clinging to the 1m22s on his C3 tyres.
Kvyat has the courtesy to trundle through the pits straight after that fastest lap of the day, and he gives us a good look at what are clearly C5 tyres, the softest ones available at this test.
Kvyat goes quickest! The Toro Rosso dethrones Raikkonen with less than 15 minutes to go with a 1m17.704s. C4s? C5s? We'll need a closer look.
Verstappen has stayed out on this run that started with a sub-1m19s lap to clear 100 for the day with Red Bull. He's seven laps in now and has fallen back to the 1m22s on the C3 compound.
Hamilton heads out with what looks to be a small camera mounted to the nose, pointing towards the left-front corner of the car.
Kvyat's back in the pits now after that short soft-tyre run to move the Toro Rosso up the leaderboard.
Ricciardo gives away less than a tenth (0.079s) through the final two sectors, and narrowly misses out on improving with a 1m18.2s.
Ricciardo is on another push lap and has improved again in the first sector.
While Kvyat and Ricciardo were stealing the sun-setting limelight, Verstappen did put in a personal best final sector, as part of a lap that was just two tenths down on his best for the day.
Now Ricciardo takes second in the Renault! 1m18.164s for the Australian, running what looks to be a set of C4 tyres.
Kvyat goes second! Toro Rosso fancies a bit of what Gary Anderson refers to as 'happy hour' then. 1m18.276s for the Russian. Now we have Ricciardo going quickly, setting personal bests.
Personal best for Kvyat in the middle sector. Will he stay out this time?
Kvyat has put in another fastest first sector, and we're sure he's on the C4 tyres now we've had a few more looks at them.
Verstappen is back on track, six laps away from hitting 100 today. Not bad considering we highlighted an earlier lap count total of Red Bull's as looking a bit disappointing compared to its major rivals.
Low light means there is barely a photographer to be found in the media centre. Will the final 30 minutes of the day bring any soft-tyre quick runs from anyone like it did yesterday?