DTM Sets Cost-Cutting Rules

DTM has introduced a number of rule changes for next season, aimed at reducing the costs of participating in the sport

Among the changes, the amount of new tyres per weekend and number of mechanics used per pitstop will be reduced, and all major components including aerodynamics from this season's cars must be kept for 2006.

Tyres will drop by two new sets per car to seven sets (from 36 tyres in total to 28 per weekend) and the structural integrity of all cars, including aerodynamics and safety cells, must remain the same to ensure that money is not spent on their development.

The new-for 2005 ballast regulations will also remain intact to stop the domination of one manufacturer. The top manufacturer from each race must add 10kg to its latest specification cars for the next round, and the worst manufacturer can reduce its cars' weight by 10kg, up to a maximum of 20kg each way.

In 2006, the starting weight of the new cars for each manufacturer must be 1,050kg while the 2005 spec cars may be entered with a weight of 1,035kg.

 "The course for an ongoing successful development of DTM has been set," said the chairman of the Championship's promoter ITR, Hans Werner Aufrecht.
 "Cost reduction is the right way to keep on offering the manufacturers a perfect platform for the presentation of their products, in the future. It's our goal to create even better values at clearly reduced budgets."

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