Champion tops warm-up

Champion Racing served note of intent ahead of the Le Mans 24 Hours by setting the fastest time in this morning's warm-up session for the epic race which begins later today

Champion tops warm-up

The American team's Audi R8, driven by JJ Lehto, Marco Werner and Emanuelle Pirro, set a fastest lap of 3m36.078s, edging the similar Audi Sport UK machine of Allan McNish, Frank Biela and Pierre Kaffer by 0.216s. The second Audi Sport UK entry was third quickest with a time of 3m36.294s.

But the R8s didn't have things all their own way, with the Pescarolo-Judd of Nicolas Minassian, Emmanuel Collard and Sebastien Bourdais setting the fourth fastest time, ahead of the Audi Sport Japan machine.

Jan Lammers was sixth quickest in his Racing for Holland Dome, ahead of the impressive Zytek 04S. The second Racing for Holland entry, the Nasamax Reynard and the second Pescarolo car completed the top ten.

In the GTS class, the lead Chevrolet Corvette C5 of Ron Fellows, Johnny O'Connell and Max Papis was quickest with a lap of 3m56.889s, outpacing the pole-sitting Prodrive Ferrari 550 of Tomas Enge, Peter Kox and Alain Menu by 0.674s. The second Corvetter was third in class.

The JMB Racing Ferrari 360 GTC of Jaime Melo, Jean-Rdne de Fournoux and Stephane Daoudi led the way in the GT category, while the Intersport Racing Lola-Judd of Clint Field, Bill Binnie and Rick Sutherland was top in LMP2.

Lehto/Werner/Pirro Audi R8 3m36.078s
Biela/Kaffer/McNish Audi R8 3m36.294s
Davies/Herbert/Smith Audi R8 3m36.353s
Collard/Bourdais/Minassian Pescarolo-Judd 3m39.917s
Ara/Capello/Kristensen Audi R8 3m40.765s
Lammers/Dyson/Kaneishi Dome-Judd 3m41.249s
Wallace/Brabham/Shimoda Zytek 3m42.394s
Coronel/Wilson/Firman Dome-Judd 3m44.228s
Stirling/Lupberger/McGarrity Nasamax-Judd 3m44.306s
Ayari/Comas/Treluyer Pescarolo-Judd 3m44.565s
Katoh/Michigami/Fukuda Dome-Mugen 3m44.741s
Newton/Erdos/Kinch Lola-MG 3m45.299s
Bielsen/Elgaard/Moller Lister-Storm 3m47.847s
Andre/Leuenberger/Vanni Lola-Judd 3m52.137s
P Bourdais/Blanchemain/Berville Panoz-Elan 4m01.901s
Andrews/Lockie/Kumpen Lola-Caterpillar 4m14.864s
Maury-laribiere/Boulay/Besson Reynard-Lehman 4m14.877s
Short/Barff/Barbosa Dallara-Judd 6m09.737s
Field/Dayton/Connor Lola-Judd 9m42.578s

Binnie/Field/Sutherland Lola-Judd 4m05.032s
Jeannette/Pickering/Derlot Courage-Willman 4m06.367s
Frei/Gounon/Hancock Courage-Aer 4m08.121s
Belmondo/Gosselin/Saviozzi Courage-Aer 4m09.996s
Terada/Roussel/Porta WR 7m12.063s
Bouvet/Gommendy/Briere WR 24m23.008s

Fellows/O'Connell/Papis Corvette C5-R 3m56.889s
Enge/Kox/Menu Ferrari 550 3m57.563s
Gavin/Beretta/Magnussen Corvette C5-R 3m58.513s
Hezemans/Deletraz/Barde Ferrari 575 4m02.670s
Bouchot/Goueslard/Dupard Ferrari 550 4m03.647s
McRae/Rydell/Turner Ferrari 550 4m09.600s
Bosch/Sullivan/Biagi Ferrari 575 4m38.936s

Melo/Daoudi/De Fournoux Ferrari 360 4m12.840s
Rosa/Van Mersktein/Caffi Porsche 911-GT3 4m13.436s
Khan/Smith/Sugden Porsche 911-GT3 4m15.176s
Maassen/Bergmeister/Long Porsche 911-GT3 4m15.685s
Alphand/Lavielle/Almeras Porsche 911-GT3 4m18.087s
Burgess/Collin/Bagnall Porsche 911-GT3 4m20.336s
Kelleners/Ortelli/Dumas Porsche 911-GT3 4m20/879s
Tomlinson/Greensall/Evans TVR T400R 4m21.204s
Kurosawa/Nishizawa/Orido Porsche 911-GT3 4m23.240s
Donaldson/Fisken/Nielsen Porsche 911-GT3 4m23.587s
Vasiliev/Fomenko/Nearn Porsche 911-GT3 4m31.757s
Wilson/Montain/Hugenholtz Ferrari 360 4m35.668s
Hindery/Lieb/Rockenfeller Porsche 911-GT3 4m38.936s
Sharpe/Hyde/Cunningham Morgan Aero 8 4m47.434s
Berridge/Caine/Stockton TVR T400R 6m09.737s


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