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Best features of 2012: McNish in a Porsche 962

Best features of 2012 revisited: As part of AUTOSPORT's Group C special in August, present day Le Mans legend Allan McNish strapped himself into the iconic Porsche 962C

In August 2012, AUTOSPORT celebrated the halcyon days of Group C sportscars with a series of special features online and in print, including Allan McNish trying out the iconic Porsche 962C

My first thought on climbing aboard the Porsche 962C? It's a Norbert Singer car!

I feel immediately at home. Sitting there in a 21-year-old Group C car didn't feel so different from being inside the Porsches I drove in the late 1990s. But then Norbert was the brains behind the 962 as well as the 911 GT1 cars I raced.

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