Honda issues MotoGP quit threat over standard ECUs

Honda has warned it would consider quitting MotoGP if Dorna's spec ECU proposition becomes mandatory

Dorna has long advocated a move to a spec system in order to cut costs and level the playing field. It recently announced that a spec ECU will be made available to any team that wishes to use it from 2013.

Honda has been the most vocal opponent of the scheme, warning that it could pull out of grand prix racing.

"If [Dorna boss] Carmelo Ezpeleta carries on with his decision to force a control ECU and a rev limit, then Honda might retire from MotoGP," HRC team principal Shuhei Nakamoto told Motosprint.

"Yamaha and Ducati agree with us, and so does Suzuki. The responsibility is Ezpeleta's, this is his decision."

Nakamoto was however speaking before the recent announcement that Dorna will take over the organisation and promotion of the rival World Superbike Championship from 2013.

The deal effectively means Dorna could also introduce a spec ECU into the category, thereby negating Honda's previous threat that "in order to develop electronics technology we could switch to [World] Superbikes, since there are no limitations in that series and the manufacturers are free to develop their projects."

Ezpeleta confirmed the issue of spec ECU's was on the table for 2014 and would be discussed at the forthcoming Japanese Grand Prix.

"I want MotoGP to follow Moto3's style. This idea (control ECU and rev limit), like others, is currently under discussion for 2014," he said.

"We'll soon go to Motegi, where I will have some very important meetings with the Japanese. I'm optimistic: we'll find a solution that is OK for everyone."

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