125cc: Cortese denies Espargaro 125cc pole

A thrilling duel for 125cc pole position at Mugello was decided in favour of Sandro Cortese, who grabbed the top spot in the dying seconds of qualifying from Pol Espargaro, who had crashed spectacularly a few minutes earlier

125cc: Cortese denies Espargaro 125cc pole

Espargaro's Tuenti Derbi topped the times for most of the session, chipping away at his times down to a 1m58.336s before he walked away from a massive high-side at the quick Poggiosecco chicance.

Cortese, who had not figured at the head of the times until the closing moments, towed up to series leader Nicolas Terol (Aspar Aprilia) on the final two laps of the session. The slipstream he received on the start/finish straight proved crucial as his 1m58.315s pipped Espargaro by a couple of hundredths of a second.

Bradley Smith will start third on his Aspar Aprilia, ahead of team-mate Terol.

Randy Krummenacher heads the second row, ahead of Marc Marquez, Esteve Rabat and Efren Vazquez. The latter suffered a heavy crash on the final lap of the session, and required medical assistance at trackside.

Pos Rider Bike Time Gap 1. Sandro Cortese Derbi 1m58.315s 2. Pol Espargaro Derbi 1m58.336s + 0.021s 3. Bradley Smith Aprilia 1m58.572s + 0.257s 4. Nicolas Terol Aprilia 1m58.586s + 0.271s 5. Randy Krummenacher Aprilia 1m58.682s + 0.367s 6. Marc Marquez Derbi 1m58.705s + 0.390s 7. Esteve Rabat Aprilia 1m59.177s + 0.862s 8. Efren Vazquez Derbi 1m59.341s + 1.026s 9. Johann Zarco Aprilia 1m59.617s + 1.302s 10. Tomoyoshi Koyama Aprilia 1m59.692s + 1.377s 11. Jasper Iwema Aprilia 1m59.809s + 1.494s 12. Luis Salom Aprilia 2m00.052s + 1.737s 13. Daniel Webb Aprilia 2m00.131s + 1.816s 14. Alberto Moncayo Aprilia 2m00.559s + 2.244s 15. Alessandro Tonucci Aprilia 2m00.774s + 2.459s 16. Luigi Morciano Aprilia 2m00.890s + 2.575s 17. Alexis Masbou Aprilia 2m01.300s + 2.985s 18. Marcel Schrotter Honda 2m01.312s + 2.997s 19. Sturla Fagerhaug Aprilia 2m01.351s + 3.036s 20. Simone Grotzki Giorgi Aprilia 2m01.589s + 3.274s 21. Jakub Kornfeil Aprilia 2m01.683s + 3.368s 22. Riccardo Moretti Aprilia 2m01.797s + 3.482s 23. Jonas Folger Aprilia 2m01.868s + 3.553s 24. Tommaso Gabrielli Aprilia 2m01.898s + 3.583s 25. Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 2m02.243s + 3.928s 26. Mattia Tarozzi Aprilia 2m02.417s + 4.102s 27. Muhammad Zulfahmi Aprilia 2m02.586s + 4.271s 28. Armando Pontone Aprilia 2m02.763s + 4.448s 29. Michael van der Mark Lambretta 2m03.114s + 4.799s 30. Luca Marconi Aprilia 2m03.245s + 4.930s 31. Louis Rossi Aprilia 2m03.864s + 5.549s 32. Marco Ravaioli Lambretta 2m06.126s + 7.811s 33. Adrian Martin Aprilia 2m21.695s + 23.380s 
125cc: Espargaro defeats Terol in France

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125cc: Espargaro defeats Terol in France

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