MotoGP releases report into Luis Salom's fatal Moto2 crash

MotoGP's technical director has found that there were no mechanical issues on the Moto2 bike of Luis Salom that were a "concern" in relation to his fatal accident

The Spanish rider lost his life following a Catalunya Grand Prix practice accident on Friday June 6.

In the week after the accident, Salom's SAG team released its findings from analysing the data, coming to the conclusion that he lost the front end of his Kalex braking over a bump at Turn 12.

MotoGP technical director Danny Aldridge's report with judicial expert Angle Calzada Gomez and independent telemetry expert Lluis Lleonart Gomez agreed rider error was behind the accident.

Damage to the throttle handlebar, rear wheel and bodywork were all deemed to be consistent with, or likely a result of, the high-speed crash.

The tyres were described as being "in good condition with the front tyre still inflated", while data confirmed that the rear was at the recommended 1.4bar pressure.

"There were no other mechanical issues found on the motorcycle that were of any concern," the report reads in part.

"The condition of the machine and initial conclusions were confirmed during the second inspection."

The Turn 12 data from the lap of Salom's accident was examined against that from his fastest lap in the session.

"Mr Gomez reported that his data showed that at the time of the accident the bike was 4km/h slower than its fastest lap but at the time of braking the rider was seven or eight metres closer to the curve than on his fastest lap," the report read.

"He confirmed that on the piece of straight between the two curves, there was a partial cut in the throttle.

"Mr. Gomez speculated that the rider may have looked back and when returning to look forward misread his position, or was a little off line.

"This could have resulted in higher than usual brake pressure being applied, which was indicated on the telemetry.

"As a result of being off line and the braking with the machine being banked the front wheel lost traction resulting in the crash.

"Mr Gomez confirmed that he could not see anything unusual that he felt was of any concern.

"He also confirmed that there was no evidence in the data that raised issue with the track surface including possible bumps."

The bike was returned to SAG Team on June 29.


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