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Why F1 should try heat races Plus

Why F1 should try heat races

Is the answer to Formula 1's lack of action in dry grands prix to try a heats and final format? Thomas O'Keefe reckons so, and he put his idea to Bernie Ecclestone

Analysing the French court's Briatore verdict Plus

Analysing the French court's Briatore verdict's legal expert analyses the French court's ruling that the lifetime ban handed to Flavio Briatore by the FIA's World Motor Sport Council was "illegal"

Life on the other side of the ocean Plus

Life on the other side of the ocean

Thomas O'Keefe attended the IndyCar finale at Homestead and gave his impressions of an IRL race from a Formula 1 perspective

The best ever Monaco Grand Prix Plus

The best ever Monaco Grand Prix

How much is the place? How much is the race? Tom O'Keefe explains the mystique of the Monaco Grand Prix

Castroneves still awaiting full verdict

Helio Castroneves' future remains uncertain after the jury in his tax evasion trial at Miami Federal Court returned only a partial verdict

Red cars, red ink, revisited Plus

Red cars, red ink, revisited

After years of close collaboration, raising accusations of favouritism, Ferrari's Luca di Montezemolo and FOM's Bernie Ecclestone genuinely appear to be at loggerheads. What are they really fighting about, and how will it all end? Thomas O'Keefe, a veteran correspondent of the Maranello and Knightsbridge follies analyses the current battlefield

Short but Sweet: the 1991 Australian GP Plus

Short but Sweet: the 1991 Australian GP

Seventeen years ago, the final race of the season was in Adelaide, and what made it significant was that it went down in history as the shortest race in grand prix history. Thomas O'Keefe remembers a famous race at the beginning of the Mosley era, and charts the subsequent progress of some of the major players on the day

Private Lives Plus

Private Lives

As Max Mosley prepares for the FIA's Extraordinary General Meeting next week, his legal team have already begun legal proceedings against the News of the World in England and in France - with other European countries likely to follow.'s legal expert, Thomas O'Keefe, analyses Mosley's case and outlines the precedents that will govern these proceedings

Thirteen Flowers: The Story of Bernd and Elly Rosemeyer Plus

Thirteen Flowers: The Story of Bernd and Elly Rosemeyer

Until she passed away last year, and for the past 69 years, Elly Beinhorn made sure that thirteen flowers were placed every January 28th on the grave of her husband, Bernd Rosemeyer, in Berlin's Walfried Dahlem cemetery. Why January 28th? Why thirteen flowers? Thomas O'Keefe tells the remarkable story of Bernd and Elly Rosemeyer

Race to the Courthouse Plus

Race to the Courthouse

The FIA's International Court of Appeal used to hear only one or two F1 cases on average each year. But, unnoticed by many, the ICA rules have been amended just recently, and our legal expert Thomas O'Keefe predicts the 'Supreme Court of Racing' will hold an even bigger role in Formula One in the years to to come...

Burden of Proof Plus

Burden of Proof

The 'cool fuel' issue is about to go before the FIA International Court of Appeal. Legal expert Thomas O'Keefe digs through the paperwork to see what kind of evidence might emerge in the hearing

A Motion to Dismiss Plus

A Motion to Dismiss

McLaren's case may have merit, but under the International Court of Appeal rules, they shouldn't be entitled to appeal, argues's legal eagle. Unless, that is, they recruit FIA president Max Mosley...

Between the Lions: the Essential Austrian Plus

Between the Lions: the Essential Austrian

It's disconcerting to think it, but there is a generation of F1 fans that never saw Gerhard Berger race an F1 car. As the Austrian prepares to drive a 1983 McLaren in Budapest this weekend, Thomas O'Keefe takes stock of the Toro Rosso team co-owner's career

Analysis: Last Tangle in Paris

Tomorrow's FIA World Motor Sport Council hearing in Paris poses unprecedented legal questions for the governing body and defendants McLaren. Lawyer Thomas O'Keefe, who studied the FIA judicial system over the years, analyses the challenges and potential outcomes of this case

Bruce at the Brickyard Plus

Bruce at the Brickyard

Bruce McLaren found more success at Indianapolis in his era than his eponymous team have had so far in the modern era. Tom O'Keefe tells the story of the famous Kiwi and a soon-to-be famous American who joined forces to conquer the Brickyard

The Importance of Being Earnest Plus

The Importance of Being Earnest

The on-again, off-again Auction by Christie's of a 1938-39 V12 Auto Union has dominated the interests of car collectors in the run-up to the 2007 F1 season, but Thomas O'Keefe discovered that this special car was not the only game in town. Oh, yes, and that Auto Union can still be yours...

The Saddest Grand Prix Plus

The Saddest Grand Prix

Mysteriously, an Auto Union Typ D due to be auctioned in Paris this weekend was suddenly withdrawn at the eleventh hour by Christie's auction house after much PR hype worldwide. This must be some car. Tom O'Keefe tells us just how special and historic this particular Auto Union may be

The Second Coming Plus

The Second Coming

After bursting on to the Grand Prix scene on a chance drive ten years ago, Alex Wurz has been forced to gain his reputation in the shadows, endlessly impressing with his testing talents. Finally, as he prepares to step again into a race seat, he is about to gain his reward. So, will 2007 be the year that he and Williams become the comeback kids?

The Bambinos and the Banks Plus

The Bambinos and the Banks

Stories have been swirling around Formula One about a US$235 million lawsuit recently brought in the English courts against the owners of Formula One. Until now, no hard evidence has been available to enable Formula One fans to assess the merits of the case and the impact it may have on the sport. In this exclusive report,'s legal expert Thomas O'Keefe sheds light on the affair

Commentary On: the Making of Grand Prix Plus

Commentary On: the Making of Grand Prix

It has been 40 years since the legendary film maker John Frankenheimer made "Grand Prix", and the movie remains to this day the most important (if not only) cinematic rendition of Formula One. Finally, Warner Home Video are preparing to release the movie on a special two-disc DVD edition later this year, and in preparing the special features that will accompany the main attraction, the producers have consulted with's Thomas O'Keefe. Being the resident expert on "Grand Prix", and on the 40th anniversary of the movie's making, he tells the story of how Frankenheimer conjured it up

Citizen of Modena Plus

Citizen of Modena

No, this story is not about Enzo Ferrari, but about another race car driver born in Modena. Thomas O'Keefe tells the story of Stefano Modena, one of the forgotten talents of Formula One

Living with the Dead: 13 Kms Plus

Living with the Dead: 13 Kms

In a few days, Honda Motor Co. will submit its entry for the 2006 Formula One World Championship - the first time since November 1968, when the Japanese company started its last Grand Prix as a constructor. Thomas O'Keefe looks back at the sad events of the 1968 French Grand Prix, when Honda's Jo Schlesser was killed on his Grand Prix debut, and how the event affected the company's decision to withdraw from Formula One

Helmut Marko: the Player (III) Plus

Helmut Marko: the Player (III)

Thomas O'Keefe continues his portrayal of Red Bull's power player Helmut Marko, and this week, in the final part, we look at the Austrian's F3000 years as team owner, and his current involvement with Red Bull Racing. Part III: Life Goes On

Arc de Triomphe: Revenge of the Yellow Teapot Plus

Arc de Triomphe: Revenge of the Yellow Teapot

Renault began its Formula One adventure back in 1976, but only this year the French carmaker has enjoyed the success of finally clinching a World Championship title as a constructor. Thomas O'Keefe pays tribute to the French manufacturer

Helmut Marko: the Player (II) Plus

Helmut Marko: the Player (II)

Thomas O'Keefe continues his portrayal of Red Bull's power player Helmut Marko, and this week, in part II, we look at the Austrian's Grand Prix racing years, up until the accident that claimed his eye. Part II: the Grand Prix Years

Helmut Marko: the Player (I) Plus

Helmut Marko: the Player (I)

In a paddock full of ex-Grand Prix drivers holding different key positions, all the way to the top of the sport, Dr. Helmut Marko is an intriguing member who shies away from the limelight and whose importance is therefore easily underestimated. But the Austrian Red Bull director is one of the most powerful members of the Formula One circus. Thomas O'Keefe talked to Marko and researched his rise in the sport, offering a fascinating three-part portrait of the Player

The Kahne Mutiny Plus

The Kahne Mutiny

What can Jenson Button and Frank Williams learn from the case of NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne and his former employer, Ford Motor Company? And in contrast, what could they learn from Titanic survivor Lucy Lady Duff-Gordan? Attorney at law Thomas O'Keefe talks law, as he looks at the latest Button tug-of-love

Vuky's Last Ride Plus

Vuky's Last Ride

Appearing in only five races that counted for the Formula One WC, he qualified on pole once, won two races, set three fastest laps, and led a phenomenal 485 laps of 676 race laps, a higher percentage even than Jim Clark. So who is this driver with a winning percentage record that Fangio and Schumacher would be proud of? Thomas O'Keefe looks at the career of Billy Vukovich, possibly the best driver ever to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, whose tragic loss 50 years ago foreshadowed a summer of tragedy for motorsport

Sweet Sixteen Plus

Sweet Sixteen

All the ingredients are in place for Danica Patrick to make history this Sunday and become the first woman to win the Indianapolis 500. It will be the longest race of her career, but she is the first female with a real chance of making it into the highest echelon of the Boys' Club. Patrick has become arguably the biggest story so far in the 89th event, but where did the IRL rookie come from and how did she become the center of everyone's attention? Thomas O'Keefe, who discovered Patrick back in 2000, reviews her climb up the racing ladder

The One that Got Away Plus

The One that Got Away

The Silver Arrows and Prince Rainer are both gone, but Thomas O'Keefe pays tribute to the man and machines that made the modern Monaco GP the jewel in the Crown that it is today

A Tale of Two Enzos in Mr. Mateschitz's Neighborhood Plus

A Tale of Two Enzos in Mr. Mateschitz's Neighborhood

In the Tilke era of artificially produced tracks, with venues thin on motor racing history, Imola stands out as one of the last treasures on the Formula One calendar. Holding the first European event and being just minutes away from Ferrari's Vatican, few Grands Prix offer as much ambiance for fans and journalists alike as San Marino. Thomas O'Keefe paid a visit to the F1 paddock just when Red Bull Racing redefined the meaning of 'motorhome'; watched the race at McLaren just as Kimi Raikkonen stormed in, helmet still on; and watched the usual suspects go about their Formula One lives

The Getting and the Spending Plus

The Getting and the Spending

Have you been wondering what Eddie Jordan is up to these days, now that he has sold his team to the Midland Group? Tom O'Keefe has recently been wandering the halls of the London High Court, and brings this Formula One legal report from the Writ Room, exclusively on Autosport-Atlas, as to Jordan GP's latest imbroglio

Exclusive: EU-FIA Deal Delayed Due to Error in Notice

The settlement between the European Union, the FIA and the FOA will not be sealed until at least next month, due to errors in the EU's official notice.