Sharp Centennial in Phoenix

Scott Sharp is set to celebrate his one hundredth race in the IndyCar series this weekend at the Phoenix International Raceway.

The 37 year old is the first person to reach the milestone, and is the only driver to have competed in every season since the IRL's inception in 1996. He also holds the record for most consecutive races, with 91 to date.

"It is hard to believe that it will be 100 races this Saturday," Sharp noted ahead of the race. "Literally, it feels like half of that. As competitive as I am, you take each race one at a time and strive to win each one, and it is hard to believe it has accumulated to 100 now. That is pretty amazing."

Sharp has the second highest number of wins in the series at eight, including the Phoenix race in 1998. "I have always really enjoyed Phoenix," Sharp stated. "It was really refreshing to go to the Phoenix test with the Delphi Fernandez team, test well and have a solid car.

"The team made great changes, and I really felt that we had a strong test. It really pumps me up again to go back to race there this weekend."
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