Review: 2017 MotoGP DVD - rapid pace, but lacking emotional depth

The official review of the 2017 MotoGP championship tells the story of the season through fast-paced highlights and commentary from its 18 races

But it lacks the emotional impact some of its counterparts from other motorsport series possess.

Using commentary from the races 'as live' means there's no lack of excitement as the championship twists throughout the season.

On occasion, reducing the races to just a few highlights does leave a noticeable jump, as commentators refer back to action that is left out of the final edit and smaller incidents are not included.

But, overall, it doesn't have a huge impact on the review, and any confusion is quickly forgotten as the story of the season takes another unexpected turn, with viewers naturally caught up in the excitement of the commentary team.

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While the enthusiasm from the commentators does help to engage the audience, it doesn't fully help the viewer empathise with the riders.

Throughout the almost five-hour run time, there is only a single interview - a short post-race interview with Marc Marquez shortly he has taken the title. This makes it difficult to connect to the riders without hearing them explain their own stories and feelings.

For those experiencing the 2017 season for the first time via the review, this dulls to emotional of seeing various championship hopefuls drop out of the running.

But other small details that are included, such as a segment about the 3000th GP race at Jerez, really add to the review's depth.

The DVD is short enough to not reduce the fast-paced nature of the story of the 2017 championship, while still giving the season some context - as does the short introduction to the main players at the top of the review.

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