Philadelphia Set to Go Ahead

The planned street race at Philadelphia is set to go ahead after new Champ Car series President Steve Johnson admitted that the details are being finalised

Only one new event - Houston - appeared on the Champ Car's 2006 schedule when it was unveiled last month, prompting fears that the Philadelphia race had fallen through.

However Johnson said that the series is in final negotiations for the Paul Newman-backed Philadelphia event, and that once the details are finalised an announcement will be forthcoming.

It is expected that the race will be held on the July 2 weekend.

"It's no secret we're looking to add another race for '06," Johnson said. "If Philadelphia has a secret, it's probably the worst-kept secret there ever was.  But we are in discussions with Philadelphia as a market. The TV package is just not done yet.  We're working towards finalising that and getting out very soon."

Johnson also admitted that in 2007 the series could look to go the way of the rival Indy Racing League and compact its schedule into the summer months for TV purposes.

IRL lost three of their events and two months from their 2006 schedule, which was announced last week.

"We'd love to have a more tight, compact schedule, but the schedule is what it is for '06," Johnson added. "I've had a meeting to start talking already about the '07 schedule. 

"We're going to do our best to make sure we put the best schedule out there and make sure that it works not only for us and for our teams, but for the fans and for all our track partners, as well.  There's a lot of complexities when you put a schedule on."

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