Kalkhoven Rules Out IRL Merger

Champ Car World Series owner Kevin Kalkhoven has said he doesn't want the series to reunify with the Indy Racing League

IRL engine manufacturer Honda are thought to be keen for the series to combine following the decision of Chevy and Toyota to quit the IRL.

Champ Car are due to announce new technical regulations for 2007, and one possibility is that both series could share a common set of technical regulations to eventually unify the series.

However, Kalkhoven said Champ Car does not want reunification and is bored by repeatedly being asked about it.

He said: "Every year at this time for the last nine years, people talk about reunification. This is not a new story and every year it's had the same result, which is it doesn't really matter what the terms of reunification are. It's not something that is wanted.

"While there are advantages, it's not necessary for the survival or growth of our series. What's really important is developing our product to the point where people really want to see it. That's what we've put a lot of effort into and it's working. Is reunification important? In the final analysis, no.

"I'm really bored talking about it. It's very simple. There is no merger, there are no merger talks. Both series should be concentrating on what they need to do to continue to grow."

He confirmed Champ Car are continuing discussion with Honda.

Kalkhoven said: "I really can't talk for what Honda is going to do, but we have a continuing dialogue with them, as we do with other manufacturers. They have proven to be very friendly and cooperative and we'll wait to see what happens.

"Competition wouldn't be done in the way it was in the past, which is uncontrolled development by the manufacturers. I think that it's great when manufacturers are in, but the rules have to be set such that it is fair competition."

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