WRC Portugal


By: Dan Cross, David Evans, Scott Mitchell, Charles Bradley


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So that's race two of GP2 2014 in the book, and that's it from us today on AUTOSPORT Live for a while until the grand prix build up begins in the next couple of hours. Join us then.
GP2 - Bahrain: Leal: "It's amazing, it's incredible to start the season with two podiums. I was just keeping the pace today, I wasn't able to overtake."
GP2 - Bahrain: Trummer: "Yesterday the race pace was amazing, and today I led from P2 but Jolyon was quicker than me at the beginning. I just kept the pace, I couldn't give any more."
GP2 - Bahrain: Palmer: "First to sixth in one lap yesterday, and today was the reverse, sixth to first. My start was really good today, and then it was a case of managing the race. I'm really happy with the job we did."
GP2 - Bahrain: The drivers receive their trophies and spray the rose water after a tough, tough race.
GP2 - Bahrain: Your finishing order is thus: 1 Palmer, 2 Trummer, 3 Leal, 4 Nasr, 5 Richelmi, 6 Quaife-Hobbs, 7 Evans, 8 Binder.
GP2 - Bahrain: Jolyon Palmer wins the sprint race, by 0.8s from Trummer and Leal. Nasr finishes fourth, and Richelmi grabbed fifth from Quaife-Hobbs on the very last lap at Turn 11.
GP2 - Bahrain: Richelmi passes Pic at Turn 8 with an agricultural move, a NASCAR-style bump-and-run. Yee-haw!
GP2 - Bahrain: Palmer holds a 0.8s lead with two laps to go.
GP2 - Bahrain: Quaife-Hobbs passes him back at Turn 1! Nasr gets him back at Turn 4. What a scrap!
GP2 - Bahrain: Nasr passes Quaife-Hobbs at the final corner to take fourth place.
GP2 - Bahrain: Nasr attacks Quaife-Hobbs at Turn 4, who is struggling with a lack of grip. Can he pass him, though?
GP2 - Bahrain: Only 1.3s covers the top three as we go into the endgame of this race. The battle for fourth is also now a five-car train. Fireworks?
GP2 - Bahrain: Last five laps, expect it to kick-off from here as drivers seek to exhaust their tyre life.
GP2 - Bahrain: Nasr has raised his pace, and is right with Quaife-Hobbs for fourth.
GP2 - Bahrain: "If you want to win this race you have to attack now," Trummer is told. Would have through that was pretty obvious, no?
GP2 - Bahrain: If he holds on, Palmer will overtake Vandoorne for the lead of the championship. Points for pole position and fastest lap yesterday have helped offset that dreadful start from pole that cost him his big chance of victory.
GP2 - Bahrain: Good lap for Palmer, who extends his lead to 0.9s. Leal continues to close on Trummer. Expect a battle for second soon.
GP2 - Bahrain: Daly's car has gone sick, after running over a turning vane from a car in front. Possibly picked up a puncture.
GP2 - Bahrain: Into the last eight laps, the question is who hasn't looked after their tyres enough? Can Palmer hold on? Trummer has the gap down to 0.6s.
GP2 - Bahrain: Palmer is being told to save his tyres, and has a 0.8s advantage over Trummer. Leal has dropped away a little in third.
GP2 - Bahrain: Now there's a monster duel for 15th! A four-car battle has been won by Abt, ahead of Berthon and Cecotto. Marciello was the victim, and appears to have a problem.
GP2 - Bahrain: Battle most likely to explode is this Nasr, Pic and Richelmi train, which is being caught by Evans.

A battle that already has burst into life is being won by Evans's team-mate Markelov, who has just passed Izawa and Daly for 11th.
GP2 - Bahrain: Fastest man on the track here is Evans, who has risen up from 14th to 8th in his Russian Time car. He is closing on Richelmi.
GP2 - Bahrain: Laptimes are dropping away now that drivers are pacing themselves as we approach half distance. There should still be some drama in this race yet.

Palmer has extended his lead to 0.9s, with a similar gap back between Trummer and Leal.
GP2 - Bahrain: Palmer and Trummer are setting almost identical laptimes out front, the gap just 0.6s between them, with Leal also keeping them honest. Quaife-Hobbs and Nasr are cruising at a good distance behind them, although Nasr has Pic on his case.

Yesterday's winner Vandoorne is 23rd after a pitstop for a new nosecone after he clashed with de Jong.
GP2 - Bahrain: Trummer leads Palmer, Leal, Quaife-Hobbs, Nasr, Pic and Binder. Quite a lot of cars made poor starts, including Vandoorne who has dropped to 11th.

Coletti stalled on the grid and is only just rejoining the race.
GP2 - Bahrain: Nasr makes a poor start, so Trummer leads Palmer and Leal.
GP2 - Bahrain: Everybody is starting this race on the prime hard Pirelli tyre. It's going to be tough to be consistent, as we saw some cars suffer huge degradation issues yesterday.

The warm-up lap is now underway. Air temperature is 28C, track temp is 51C. Hot stuff indeed.
GP2 - Bahrain: Problem for Vandoorne on the grid! His access cover above the pedals flew off on the warm-up lap on the run to Turn 4. Mechanics are taping over it, but the stewards might be interested in that...
GP2 - Bahrain: So here's the starting order for the sprint race: 1 Nasr, 2 Trummer, 3 Izawa, 4 Pic, 5 Coletti, 6 Palmer, 7 Leal, 8 Vandoorne, 9 Binder, 10 Quaife-Hobbs.
With the 2014 Rally of Portugal consigned to the history books we turn our attention to the island kingdom of Bahrain, and the GP2 Series sprint race.

Stoffel Vandoorne scored a remarkable victory on his series debut yesterday, so will start eighth on the reversed-grid line-up for ART Grand Prix.

Carlin's Felipe Nasr starts on pole and will be looking to kickstart his title campaign after a disappointing run yesterday. He finished second in this race last year, just 0.08s behind Sam Bird.
And the final results of the Rally of Portugal:

1 Ogier 3h33m20.4s; 2 Hirvonen +43.2s; 3 Ostberg +1m12.4s; 4 Mikkelsen +4m50.5s; 5 Solberg +5m10.2s; 6 Prokop +8m27.2s
SS16 stage results: 1 Ogier 8m41.7s; 2 Latvala +3.3s; 3 Ostberg +4.3s; 4 Hirvonen +7.8s; 5 Mikkelsen +10.0s


And Ogier wins the powerstage and the Rally or Portugal!
He's 2.4s quicker than Latvala through the final split!
And now all eyes on Ogier...
Hirvonen's time is 8m49.5s and the M-Sport driver finishes second overall.

"I'm really happy with that, it was good to have a rally with no problems."
Hirvonen is 3.8s slower than Latvala at the second split. Ogier, meanwhile, is quickest of all at the first interval...
Ostberg reaches the finish in 8m46.0s - exactly 1.0s behind Latvala. The Norweigan can be very happy with his performance this weekend and a podium finish is a deserving reward.