Rally Sweden 2014


By: Matt Beer, David Evans, Scott Mitchell


Status: Stopped
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Latvala clinches victory in VW one-two

Rally Sweden result:

1 Latvala (VW)
2 Mikkelsen (VW) +53.6s
3 Ostberg (Citroen) +59.5s
4 Hirvonen (M-Sport Ford) +2m26.9s
5 Tanak (M-Sport Ford) +3m00.5s
6 Ogier (VW) +4m29.9s
7 Solberg (Solberg Ford) +4m47.5s
8 Tidemand (M-Sport Ford) +5m38.2s
9 Breen (KelTech Ford) +8m55.4s
10 Meeke (Citroen) +11m18.0s

Leading powerstage times:

1 Ostberg (Citroen) 8m36.8s
2 Latvala (VW) +1.1s
3 Hirvonen (M-Sport Ford) +2.9s
4 Ogier (VW) +3.7s
5 Hanninen (Hyundai) +4.5s
Sensational end to a superb Rally Sweden. We'll have the report for you in just a moment, and then it'll be goodbye from Sweden from Race Centre Live.
How Kruuda has done that is just unfathomable. He has overturned an 18.7-second deficit on one stage. Remarkable.
Incredible! Kruuda nicks the WRC2 win!
Amazing WRC2 finish. Ketomaa looked to have it in the bag but Kruuda has put in a stonking powerstage so far...
Neuville's now dropped a lot of time since that first split, so it looks as though it's another week of learning for the Korean manufacturer without any tangible reward.
Hanninen finishes the stage in 8m41.3s, which puts him fifth quickest. It's more promise for Hyundai, but no points yet.
Hanninen's probably got too much to do to get into the top three on the powerstage...but Neuville's first split time is very encouraging.
What chance of Hyundai racking up its first point of 2014 now?
Latvala finishes the powerstage and he's not beating Ostberg to maximum points. But he's not bothered - this is his third Rally Sweden win and he's delighted.
Jari-Matti Latvala wins Rally Sweden!
A very emotional Andreas Mikkelsen:

"That is absolutely fantastic," he says. "Absolutely amazing. I was really hopeful, this is my home event with all my friends and family here.

"It's more than I could ever have dreamed of."
Mikkelsen completes the stage, and that's a very, very well deserved maiden WRC podium for the VW man.
Amazing from Ostberg. He eclipses Hirvonen's effort by 3.1s! Looks as though Mads will not need to be reminded to smile by his steering wheel.
Hirvonen pulls a stunning powerstage time out of the bag.

It's a remarkable effort in the final split, and he ends up completing it in 8m39.7s.
Tanak is 5.2s slower than Meeke.
Meeke's time is just 1.8s slower than Ogier's effort. "I was under instructions to take it easy here," he says.

The Citroen man is shocked at his pace, it seems, but isn't ruing that mistake too much. "I'm delighted I've got through this. It could have been a sixth place but it wasn't to be."
Suggestion for Evans' off is that he lost the rear end through a fast left-hander and went off-road.
Solberg and Tidemand are nowhere near Ogier's time. Evans has definitely stopped, but we'll have to wait for Henning to find out what's happened.
"After this mistake [we drove] a perfect rally," reckons Ogier, who has finished the powerstage. Good time, too. He's completed it in 8m40.5s, almost a minute quicker than Kubica!
Evans has reportedly stopped on stage...
Great comment from Kubica who admits he might have been too cautious after his crash-hit rally, saying sometimes "I was driving like my granny"!
Ogier and Evans are on the stage too.
Kubica's had another moment! Looks like a brush with a snow bank...good thing this is the last stage. He's had an awful rally.
Kubica has started the powerstage.
This is what we believe will be the running order for the powerstage:

Kubica; Ogier; Evans; Solberg; Tidemand; Meeke; Tanak; Hirvonen; Ostberg; Mikkelsen; Latvala; Hanninen; Neuville; Solowow.

Al-Qassimi and Breen will run a couple of cars later, between WRC2 runners.
Ten minutes to Varmullsasen. Who would bet against Latvala rounding off his stellar Saturday with a powerstage bonus?
We've not planned this, honest - but here's another tweet. This one's courtesy of Petter Solberg - who claimed Historic Rally Sweden victory about an hour ago.

@Petter_Solberg: "Pernilla and I did it again! Victory in the Historic @RallySweden 2nd year in a row - awesome! Join us at the PSRX tent now to celebrate!!!"

AUTOSPORT is wondering how open an invite that is...
Remember that stage-topping effort from Mads Ostberg a little earlier? It was his first for Citroen. And the employer is happy.

@CitroenRacing: "That's the first ever fastest time for @MadsOstberg driving a Citroën DS3 #WRC!"

Just over half an hour until we have our powerstage.

Rally Sweden has passed rather rapidly...and just as the sun starts to try to make an appearance, too!
Al-Rajhi confirms he had a roll, which looks to have handed WRC2 victory to Ketomaa.
Varmullsasen awaits. The 15.87km powerstage is all that stands between Latvala and the aforementioned glory.
SS22/23 main points:

* Latvala cruising to second win for VW and WRC points lead

* Mikkelsen responds to Ostberg pressure as he bids for maiden WRC podium

* Ogier nicks ahead of Solberg for sixth

* WRC2 leader Al-Rajhi crashes twice in two stages to throw away a one-minute lead, Ketomaa set for the win
More WRC2 drama...and Ketomaa surely has this in the bag now.

Al-Rajhi has lost a minute on the latest stage, and it sounds like he's had a small roll!
Overall leaderboard:

1 Latvala (VW)
2 Mikkelsen (VW) +46.8s
3 Ostberg (Citroen) +1m00.6s
4 Hirvonen (M-Sport Ford) +2m25.1s
5 Tanak (M-Sport Ford) +2m50.9s
6 Ogier (VW) +4m27.3s
7 Solberg (Solberg Ford) +4m27.4s
8 Tidemand (M-Sport Ford) +5m21.9s
9 Evans (M-Sport Ford) +6m38.4s
10 Breen (KelTech Ford) +8m45.1s

Leading SS23 times:

1 Ogier (VW) 13m13.5s
2 Mikkelsen (VW) +2.6s
3 Latvala (VW) +3.0s
4 Ostberg (Citroen) +4.8s
5 Hanninen (Hyundai) +7.5s
Latvala is third quickest on that stage - Hanninen comes through in fifth. Leaderboard ahead of the final stage to follow.
Ah, it will not be quite enough for Meeke to nick 10th. He should be 11th when Latvala comes through.
A bizarre lack of times for Meeke, Tanak and Hirvonen for a while - but that's now resolved.

Meeke completed the stage in 13m23.3s, good enough for fourth fastest at present - and we think he'll now sneak back into the top 10 after the problems of Al-Qassimi and Solowow.

Tanak and Hirvonen are fifth and seventh fastest respectively, but we await times for Latvala and Hanninen.

Neuville, by the way, had a puncture.