Ryan Briscoe Q&A

Ryan Briscoe dominated the inaugural F3 Euro Series, winning seven races on his way to the title. However, the Toyota protégé isn't resting on his laurels, and is looking to cap his F3 career with victory in the prestigious end of season Macau Grand Prix this weekend. Jonathan Noble spoke to the Australian

Ryan Briscoe Q&A

"I am really looking forward to it. It is a very special race and I have heard a lot about it. I am here to do a good job, learn the track as quick as I can during free practice and so on, and try and finish my F3 racing in a good way here."

"I have been wanting to do it all year. I have been pushing hard. I would be sorry to have done a year and a half of F3 racing and then not do Macau. I am really happy that Toyota in the end has decided to put in a bit of extra money to let me come here and do it. It is a special race and one that I am sure I will remember for the rest of my life. Hopefully I will have good memories of it."

"I've seen some footage of old races and it looks absolutely awesome. Andre Couto is a good friend of the guys at Prema Powerteam and he is going to come here and take me around for a couple of laps - to try and give me some tips and tell me where the bumps are and so on. I've been getting a few tips from different people here and there."

"This year has just been fantastic. I think I really needed it for my career. After 2002 it was very difficult. It was a very hard year, especially the F3000 experience where things did not work out, but we saw at the end of 2002 in F3 that we could have some good results there. I knew this year was going to be very important for me. It has just been a fantastic year."

"They have been fantastic. I have got to thank them a lot because they kept by my side and it could have been easy for them at the end of 2002 to have said, 'no, we are going to get somebody else.' They saw that there were a lot of other problems in F3000 apart from just me and it has been good. They decided this year to put the F1 testing aside a little bit and let me concentrate on F3 and I am pretty happy with the decision there. In the end to move up to F1 you have really got to be a champion in the lower categories so it has been really good. From now on I will be getting more F1 testing and I am just looking forward to the future."

"In 2001, when I started racing cars, I had a fantastic year winning the Italian Formula Renault championship and getting wins in the EuroCup. During that year the guys in Toyota were always saying, 'look in motorsport, you have your good times but there will be bad times as well.' I think 2002 was a good year mentally for me because it was pretty hard. There was lots of pressure and they were difficult times, but I have to say I have come out of it a lot stronger and I am sure in the future, I hope not, but there will be hard times again and I think I will be better prepared for it and hopefully I can get through it easier. I just want to make the most of the good times. This year has been fantastic and I am just trying to make the most of it at the moment."

"I only tested for Toyota at an airfield once and did three-days at Jerez this year. But the last test was really good for me, the team was really happy and I did lots and lots of laps and I cannot wait to get into some intensive testing. I have got four days in Valencia and three days in Barcelona and I am really looking forward to it."

"Testing with Toyota. The details have still to be sorted out. Ricardo Zonta is staying with us so it still has to be decided how that will be divided up between the two of us. There is also the Friday testing thing to be decided on, so there are still a few unclear matters but I am moving forwards and that is the most important thing."

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