Williams in no rush to replace Adam Parr

Williams is in no rush to appoint a replacement for chairman Adam Parr, who left the Grove-based team earlier this month

Despite its solid start to the campaign erasing the memories of its troubled 2011 season, Parr resigned from the Williams in a decision that many suspect was related to discussions with Bernie Ecclestone about a new Concorde Agreement.

Williams board member Toto Wolff has assumed some of the roles that Parr had, but he has made it clear he is not interested in taking on a full-time management role.

"I have stepped up and taken more responsibility, but I am doing it more as a helping hand for Frank [Williams]," Wolff told AUTOSPORT.

"So I am not going to step in with a full-time role. But definitely [the team] needs a full time role, so that is not the end of the story."

With Williams having undergone a major restructure of its technical department already, Wolff said the team did not want to rush into changing its management too without a proper analysis of the type of person it is after.

"At the moment Frank is team principal and that is something that is really important, not only for him but for the team and for F1," he said. "Let's see how it develops. At the moment I am trying to assist and help. I am enjoying the sport and let's see how it ends up.

"We have had such a busy time, and I would rather have the dust settle down, and then have a clear picture about if we want to seek someone external or internal. But it is going to happen within the next couple of months."

Williams has previously been linked with former HRT boss Colin Kolles, who left the Spanish team at the end of last year.

Tony Dodgins attempts to unravel recent developments at Williams in his post-Chinese GP column here.

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