Webber Hoping for Productive Meeting

Australian driver Mark Webber is hoping FIA president Max Mosley will listen to the drivers' suggestions when they meet next month

Webber, who confirmed he will be one of the 12 drivers attending the meeting in Cannes on August 1st, is among the drivers aiming to get safety improvements in Formula One, especially during testing.

"He might do," said Webber when asked if he is expecting Mosley to listen to the drivers' suggestions. "There are things that they [the FIA] are working hard on to make it better for us, obviously testing is something that we want to look at."

The meeting was first scheduled for Silverstone before the July 10 British Grand Prix but was canceled by Mosley after GPDA director David Coulthard criticised recent rule changes.

Webber, however, played down Mosley's decision to cancel the original meeting.

"It is always the way with negotiations," he said. "It's always the way, in terms of negotiations when you are selling a used car, you always say well. I want to sell it for 100 quid and that is not realistic so you meet halfway in the middle, it is always the same.

"You could say he is backing down but maybe with some of the proposals he is still happy with what he gets, which is okay. The drivers, I think it is important that we are heard. At the end of the day we are the actors in the movie."

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