Toro Rosso 'disappointed' Mercedes had similar ideas for 2017

Toro Rosso technical director James Key admitted he was slightly disappointed by the similarity between his team's new Formula 1 design and the 2017 Mercedes

Key's squad became the final team to unveil its 2017 design at Barcelona on Sunday, with the STR12 featuring a Mercedes-style front suspension, sidepod and nose layout.

"On the one hand we were sort of pleased to see someone else has done a similar thing, but on the other we were disappointed that we weren't the only team to think of something," Key said of the similarities to the Mercedes W08.

"There are many different concepts out there actually. The diversity is very obvious."

He underlined that the similarities between Mercedes and Toro Rosso were coincidental.

"I looked at the Mercedes and went 'Ah, they've got our front suspension,'" Key said. "Most people would say we've got Mercedes' front suspension.

"The nose is similar, the front of the sidepods is similar, even the bodywork on the sidepods is similar.

"It's complete coincidence."

STR driver Carlos Sainz Jr said he was encouraged to see similarities between his team's design thinking and that of the team that has dominated the past three seasons.

"When the car looks similar to the car that is winning every race, it gives me confidence and a good feeling," said Sainz.

"I think Toro Rosso can be confident because if there is something they showed in the last three years, it is that they are able to do some good aerodynamics.

"With all these new regulations coming up I have confidence in the team that we can create a good base.

"[We will] probably not win the championship, I am not asking for that, but a weapon that allows us to be in the top 10, that is what I expect and I really hope for.

"And then there will be development. This year I know there is going to be massive development and I really hope we can hold onto it like we were not able to do last year because of the engine compromise."

Key added that Toro Rosso's switch to a narrower nose was because the team felt it was the better solution for the 2017 rules.

"It's very much an aerodynamic decision from our group, who looked at the various options," he said.

"It is a different direction to the one we've had - the last two years have been reasonably similar, for us but also for other teams.

"Looking at the various options, that narrow nose and narrow pylon space at the front we felt matched the philosophy we thought was correct for the car at the time."

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