Todt Focusing on 2006 Recovery

Ferrari sporting director Jean Todt claims his team's focus has now switched to ensuring they are in good shape for the 2006 season after their disappointing showing in the Turkish Grand Prix

The Frenchman now acknowledges that the team have no chance of winning the Drivers' or Constructors' Championship this season - and that means they are concentrating on finishing this year on a high in a bid to carry that momentum over into next season.

"On three occasions [this season], we did not score any points - something that has not happened for several seasons before," Todt told Italy's Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Nevertheless, Michael (Schumacher) is still third in the Championship standings, and so are Ferrari. Our ambition is therefore to be able to recover the situation before the end of the season, in order to prepare better for 2006."

After five consecutive seasons of winning World Championships, Todt admits it would be wrong for the team to be bitter in defeat this season.

Asked how he would rate the year, Todt said: "Worrying. But we must prepare now for every remaining race individually, and the circuits that are left are known to us and to Bridgestone. We have all the elements to perform better than we did in Turkey.

"It is a difficult year, but we must be gracious in losing. We have had many successes in recent years, and therefore if we are now required to eat a little dust, we can accept that.

"People speak of difficult times for us. Well, they forget that when I arrived at Ferrari in July of 1993 - and until 2000 - the newspapers were constantly reminding me of the years passing by without a World Championship title.

"So yes, in Istanbul - even if not mathematically - we have lost, with Michael, the Championship title. But next year we will be able to say: 'we lost it for a year'. And it will be easier to accept."

One thing that Todt has no complaints about, however, is Schumacher's motivation - which he claims has actually been ramped up by Ferrari's poor season.

"He is not content, but his motivation is more than doubled," the Frenchman said. "He is like someone who has the hunger and has not eaten, so when food arrives the plate is thrown ahead with more force."

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