Theissen Expects BMW Decision this Month

BMW motorsport boss Mario Theissen confirmed on Saturday that he has presented a proposal to the BMW Board with a number of scenarios for their continuation in Formula One

Theissen refused to go into detail over what has been presented but said: "It will include several options and it is not put together by me personally but includes all the BMW expertise.

"I wound not say 'this is what I want' but maybe if I have a clear view I would say 'this is what is best for BMW'. I am not sure a decision will be made next week, it will be by the end of the month."

Theissen is believed to be keen on becoming a team principal having spent his time in Formula One since BMW's arrival in 2000 sitting alongside Williams bosses Frank Williams and Patrick Head.

But he insisted he was not putting his career on line to chase that aim and said: "Sometimes you have to take a position and if the time is there to take a decision you have to do that."

Theissen admitted the environment at Williams is "uncomfortable" following a deterioration in the relationship due to comments made by part-owner Head.

The German company is expected to sign a deal with Sauber to at least supply engines for 2006 but another option is thought to be to buy the team outright and drop Williams from the end of this year.

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