Singapore confirms track changes

Singapore Grand Prix officials have confirmed that changes will be made to their F1 track for this year's race, as exclusively revealed last month

Although last year's inaugural event was hailed a huge success, winning several awards, it did not stop race chiefs wanting to make efforts to ensure the 2009 race was even better.

Following consultation with teams and the FIA, changes are due to be made to Turns One, 13 and 14 in a bid to try and improve overtaking. The bumps at Turn 7 will be smoothed out in order to also improve the chances of passing

Furthermore, following complaints about excessive bumps last year, road surfacing work will be undertaken at Turns Five, Six and Seven. Also, the pitlane entry and exit will be revised in a bid to avoid problems highlighted last year.

Singapore's technical and race operations director Michael McDonough said: "While the circuit and the event exceeded expectations around the world, as with any brand new event, there are always things which we now know we can do better

"Minor modifications are proposed on the track, at Turns One, 13 and 14 in order to improve overtaking opportunities whilst the main changes will be to the Pit Entry and Pit Exit to provide added margins of safety for cars entering and leaving the pit lane."

Turn One at the track will be made sharper, so the corner will be slower. This will create a proper braking at the first corner. Furthermore, kerbs will be installed on the entry to the turn to prevent drivers taking too wide a line.

While Turn One is being slowed, Turn 13 - the left-hander after the Anderson Bridge, will be made faster - so as to increase speeds onto the Esplanade Drive and therefore make the braking zone for Turn 14 much harsher. Turn 14 will also be made slower to make the braking zone bigger still.

One of the biggest concerns for drivers last year was the pitlane entry and exit, whose design meant cars would often be on the racing line while entering or exiting the pits. For 2009 a dedicated pitlane entry will be built, while the exit will emerge at Turn Two - well away from the racing line.

Another change will be that the runoff at Turn 22 will be reduced, to help improve facilities for spectators.

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