Second Practice Washed Out - Belgium

The second practice session for the Belgian Grand Prix was a complete wash-out after heavy rain poured down over the Spa-Francorchamps circuit forcing all the drivers to stay in their garage for most of the session.

Running was stopped just five minutes into the one-hour session after Red Bull Racing driver Vitantonio Liuzzi crashed heavily and not a single driver set a time leaving fans in the grandstands staring at the rain.

Only Italian Liuzzi, Minardi driver Robert Doornbos, of the Netherlands, and championship leader Fernando Alonso ventured out on the track but none completed a full lap before returning to the pits.

Raikkonen had finished the first session on top of the pile with a late lap time of 1:48.206 to put him ahead of test driver Wurz, who finished just one hundredth of a second slower in second with Fisichella third.

But teams chose to avoid running in the second session for fear of a car-damaging crash or putting miles on their engines due to new regulations that force them to use one engine for two races.

The only action came when Liuzzi's car swerved left under braking for Les Combes and spun 180 degrees before hitting the barriers on the right hand side then spinning across the gravel and coming to rest at a second set of barriers.

The session was stopped immediately as Liuzzi's stricken machine was craned away and when the green light came on again nine minutes later there was no action other than Alonso, who completed an exploration lap in his Renault.

Pos  Driver         Team                  Time    Laps
 1.  Liuzzi        Red Bull-Cosworth (M)  No Time   1
 2.  Doornbos      Minardi-Cosworth  (B)  No Time   1
 3.  Alonso        Renault           (M)  No Time   1
 4.  M.Schumacher  Ferrari           (B)  No Time   0
 5.  Barrichello   Ferrari           (B)  No Time   0
 6.  Button        BAR-Honda         (M)  No Time   0
 7.  Sato          BAR-Honda         (M)  No Time   0
 8.  Fisichella    Renault           (M)  No Time   0
 9.  Webber        Williams-BMW      (M)  No Time   0
10.  Pizzonia      Williams-BMW      (M)  No Time   0
11.  Raikkonen     McLaren-Mercedes  (M)  No Time   0
12.  Montoya       McLaren-Mercedes  (M)  No Time   0
13.  Villeneuve    Sauber-Petronas   (M)  No Time   0
14.  Massa         Sauber-Petronas   (M)  No Time   0
15.  Coulthard     Red Bull-Cosworth (M)  No Time   0
16.  Klien         Red Bull-Cosworth (M)  No Time   0
17.  Trulli        Toyota            (M)  No Time   0
18.  R.Schumacher  Toyota            (M)  No Time   0
19.  Karthikeyan   Jordan-Toyota     (B)  No Time   0
20.  Monteiro      Jordan-Toyota     (B)  No Time   0
21.  Albers        Minardi-Cosworth  (B)  No Time   0
22.  Wurz          McLaren-Mercedes  (M)  No Time   0
23.  Zonta         Toyota            (M)  No Time   0
24.  Kiesa         Jordan-Toyota     (B)  No Time   0
25.  Toccacelo     Minardi-Cosworth  (B)  No Time   0

All timing unofficial
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