Renault trust KERS will be ready for Oz

Renault are increasingly confident that they will have their KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) ready for the start of the season

Although team chief Flavio Briatore has been critical about the introduction of the technology because of the huge development costs, the outfit are still pressing ahead with getting their system ready in time.

And despite a number of rival outfits having expressed reservations about whether or not their KERS will be ready for the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Renault are optimistic about the progress they have made in recent weeks.

Executive director of engineering Pat Symonds told this week's Autosport: "I have to say before Christmas I was really concerned about how we were going to get that (KERS) even working in its basic form.

"But we made damn good progress over Christmas and I'm much more confident now that we'll get that on the car for Melbourne. There's no guarantees on that, but whereas it was very unlikely before Christmas, I'd now say it's likely."

The good progress being made by Renault on their KERS is also positive news for Red Bull Racing, with the team now set to use the same system.

Renault had a difficult first test with their R29 in Portugal last week, but the team are hopeful that a host of aerodynamic improvements scheduled for introduction will help improve their form.

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