Ralf: Toyota aiming to win in 2006

German driver Ralf Schumacher believes Toyota can start winning races next season after a strong 2005 campaign

After underperforming since making their Grand Prix debut in 2002, the Japanese squad enjoyed a promising year, finishing in fourth place in the constructors' standings after having scored five podiums with Schumacher and Jarno Trulli.

The team also started from pole position twice, but never came close to winning a race.

Schumacher, however, is aiming to start winning races in 2006.

"We're looking to win some races. That's what our target should be and let's hope it's a realistic one," said Schumacher.

Toyota motorsport president John Howett agrees with Schumacher.

"We need to win next year. That's the whole reason to exist," Howett said. "There are some very significant changes next year with the V8 engines and how people interpret not only that but the chassis side, is going to be important.

"It's hard to predict and so it would be foolish to be over-confident, but we are a Formula One team and we have one sole objective - to win. There can be no excuses and we just have to get on and work harder and harder to do that. That's why we brought the TF105B to the last two races."

Both Schumacher and Trulli were happy with their first season at Toyota, but both agreed that the team's lack of aerodynamic development have stopped from achieving better results.

The German driver was also critical of some of the team's race strategies.

"If you are being very critical there are perhaps some races where we might have done better with different strategies, but having said that, we had some perfect races as well, so it's an ever-evolving learning process. Not just for us, but for every team," he said.

"And then our aerodynamic performance was not as good as it could be. But when you look at last year that couldn't really be expected. The step that the team made from last year to this was really incredible and highly commendable."

Trulli added: "I think with research and development the team has been good but you can always be harder working and quicker reacting.

"On the aerodynamics we can be better too. It's important that reaction rates throughout the season get quicker and quicker because although it's important to build a good car at the beginning, it's also important to maintain strong development throughout the year if you want to win the championship.

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