Q & A with Fernando Alonso

Q. What have the events of the last few days done for the reputation of Formula 1?

Fernando Alonso: I don't know. I am not an expert of that. I only know what is about me, and what is about this weekend - which is the only thing that really matters. We want to do a good performance today, which from a driver point of view is the only thing that they ask you to do. A good performance, and getting some results on Sunday afternoon - this is the way I am preparing for this race. And nothing has been too distracting at the moment.

Q. Have you sat down and talked to Bob Bell and asked how things have changed, how strategy has changed without Pat?

FA: No. Everything is completely normal. Pat is not here, and Flavio. But there are other people who are doing a similar job. So the team has no difference at all compared to any other race and there is no changes at all in approach to this weekend. It is just that the media attention that is quite big, today, but hopefully for tomorrow and after tomorrow it will come to normal again and everything back to normal. This is the past what happened, and now it is the present and the future.

Q. But you must have a personal feeling about it beyond just your job?

FA: Well, to be clear, and probably to finish on what happened last year - because the next question will be about 2009 or if not we switch language. I was in Paris to co-operate with the FIA, to help in the investigation with my team as well. I am happy that everything is clear now, and I am happy also that it is clear I was not involved in the incident and had nothing in that matter.

It has been difficult times for the team maybe but that is the past - it was last week. That is behind us and we move on, and let's concentrate on this race, then next weekend in Japan, and life continues so it is time to get some results again. The past is clear, it is right it is settled, and it is finished for us.

Q. You are in Flavio's management team and the FIA will not give a superlicence to a driver who is related to that. What is your situation there? Are you looking for a new manager?

FA: It doesn't change at all anything on me. My manager was Luis Garcia [Abad], who is here with me always. And my manager next year will be Luis.

Q. Did you not suspect at any time after the race that something had had happened? Did it never cross your mind?

FA: Never. But we move on again from that incident.

Q. There have been a lot of comments saying that you must have known about it, and people think you must have known about it. Does it annoy you when you read that sort of stuff?

FA: I don't read. I am very lucky that I don't read newspapers and I don't read comments of the people. I live in the present and I live in the real world.

Q. But what do you say to people who say you must have known about this?

FA: Well, they can read what the FIA has issued - the resolution. It is quite clear. If it's not understood there then they have a problem of reading.

Q. What uniform will you be wearing next year?

FA: I don't know. That would be a good question to answer and hopefully I will know soon.

Q. How soon?

FA: As soon as possible.

Q. Were you surprised that Pat Symonds was so involved in this affair?

FA: Nothing to say. Everyone will have his opinion and again, there is too much talk about last year. I had to tell my feelings from last year. As I said to you now it's clear and it's finally over and I'm happy that it's clear for everyone. But again, there's not much to say from me or from anyone. I think it's time to move on and at least me and the team will move on. If you keep asking questions about last year sorry but I will not answer anymore.

Q. What are you expectations here?

FA: The expectations are quite high for this track, to be honest, because we have been quick in Hungary, we've been more or less quick in Monaco, and Singapore is a combination of these two tracks. We really believe we can be competitive on this track. We will put our maximum effort to do a good qualifying and then a good race and improve out best result so far, which has been fifth. If we can be on the podium it will be great. Here and in Japan we have high expectations so hopefully we can have a good weekend.

Q. Fernando, after Nelson was offered immunity and then Pat was offered immunity, does it make you feel like there was a witch-hunt just to get Flavio?

FA: No comment.

Q. In Monza there was talk that certain engines were a lot more powerful than others. Did you feel that Renault was at a disadvantage?

FA: I think at Monza there were some talks, but we had the feeling from the last three or four grands prix that there are some engines that are performing very well, like Mercedes. And we are happy with our engine. I think we have quite a strong engine, maybe not as good as the Mercedes, but there are no complaints about our engine. For sure it would be nice to have a little bit more.

Q. Why did KERS did not work as expected at the start in Monza?

FA: The start was quite bad. The first ten meters, releasing the clutch, there was too much slip, so we didn't move forward. I actually lost one or two position in the first 50 meters of the start and then I pushed the button and recovered my original position. Without KERS maybe I would have lost three or four positions at turn 1 and thanks to the KERS I kept my originally position, so it was a help, no doubt.

Q. Do you know who Witness X is?

FA: Nothing to say.

Q. Will the performance of the car in the remaining races of the season influence your decision about where you are driving next year?

FA: No. Nothing.

Q. So what are the factors that will make up your mind?

FA: My mind is already set.

Q. Have you signed a contract?

FA: No.

Q. Fernando, in the last two years you have been involved in two major scandals. What does that take out of you as an individual?

FA: Nothing. Last year I was not involved and two years ago with McLaren we were all helping the FIA. We were not involved, we were just helping the FIA. As a superlicence holder we need to do it, so that's all.

Q. Doesn't it make you despair a little bit about your sport? Because we are talking about this and not racing.

FA: Yes, but this is everybody's fault, from the drivers, from the teams, and from the sport itself. There are more sports that are hit by scandals and sports that are more quiet. And F1 is so big and so famous that anything that happens has a big repercussion.

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