New engine rules set in stone - Todt

FIA president Jean Todt has indicated there is no going back on plans for Formula 1 to switch to 1.6-litre turbocharged engines in 2013 - despite resistance from some teams

Although the change of engine formula received unanimous support from manufacturers and the governing body when it was initially voted through, in recent weeks concerns have grown about the cost implications of such a big move.

But despite that, and Bernie Ecclestone's dislike of the change because he does not think the engines will sound very good, Todt is adamant that the rules are here to stay.

However, Todt is setting up a meeting with F1's engine manufacturers ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix to discuss the progress they are making with the powerplants.

"Nothing has changed. From 2013 it has been announced that it will be a new engine rule," said Todt during a media briefing in Turkey on Sunday morning. "It is nothing to do with the commercial rights holder [Ecclestone]."

He added: "It was unanimously voted by the WMSC [World Motor Sport Council], you have 26 members and among the members you have two representatives of the F1 world - one which is the oldest team representative, which is Ferrari, and the other one which is the representative of the commercial rights, which is Bernie Ecclestone.

"And I repeat that it was unanimously agreed. So in 2013 we will have the introduction of the new engine."

Speaking about the forthcoming meeting, Todt said: "Because I am happy to listen to comments, in two weeks' time, on Saturday May 21, I have asked our people to make a meeting in Barcelona for all the people involved with engine regulations. Most probably I will make my best to attend this meeting to hear the point of advancement of the development of the engine."

When asked if he could see any circumstances where the rules could be changed, Todt said: "We are in a world where things can change, you know. It is not only our little world of F1. You have other things happening in the world.

"Dramatic things could happen and then we would have to reconsider something. But at the moment there is no reason of reconsidering because it has been unanimously agreed, and after lengthy discussions and meeting with people who are involved in this business."

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