Mosley Positive after Milan Meeting

FIA president Max Mosley is confident that a rules package can be agreed to head off the threat of a breakaway championship following a meeting with team figures in Milan on Wednesday

The FIA and representatives from teams and the engine manufacturers met to discuss proposals that have been put forward for Formula One after 2007.

And although no final agreement was reached on a way forward, with a further meeting planned at the Italian Grand Prix, Mosley has said he believed consensus can be reached.

"For the first time in a long while we met all together and the atmosphere was constructive," Mosley told Gazzetta dello Sport. "We'll certainly need more meetings to reach a definitive agreement, but I'm convinced that it's really possible to find a good deal."

Mosley's comments were backed up by team figures, who all welcomed the positive atmosphere of the meeting.

Frank Williams, whose director of engineering Patrick Head attended the meeting, told The Guardian: "It was a very tranquil meeting by all accounts. It all sounds to have been pretty tranquil.

"The issue of aerodynamics [and how turbulence from rear wings prevents following cars from getting close enough to overtake] is the big subject and it has to be done right.

"I think you may see the FIA and the teams getting together on this."

Renault boss Flavio Briatore ironized: "A meeting like this won't ever be forgotten, it makes you melancholic."

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