Mosley hopes for battle to the wire

FIA president Max Mosley is hoping the 2007 championship battle goes down to the wire after its exciting start with three different race winners in as many races

McLaren's Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton are tied on points with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen at the head of the standings following the races in Australia, Malaysia and Bahrain.

Raikkonen's teammate Felipe Massa is just five points behind in one of the closest starts to a season.

Hamilton's F1 debut, becoming the first driver in F1 history to reach the podium in his first three races, has also been a big factor in making the season so exciting, according to Mosley.

"I like it," Mosley told about the current season. "I think we have been very fortunate that McLaren and Ferrari seem evenly matched with BMW close behind, and other people showing positive signs.

"And then of course new drivers - Lewis Hamilton - that is all positive.

"And ending up after the first three races with three drivers on the same points, that is all quite good. I just hope no car-driver combination starts to pull out a huge advantage. I don't care who wins but I want it to be the last lap of the last race."

Mosley believes the impact of Hamilton's start to life in Formula One will be felt in the UK, thanks to the Briton's stunning debut.

"It will make a big difference in the UK, that is 100 percent for sure," he added. "How big a difference it will make everywhere else is not so easy to guess.

"But the general idea about somebody young from a very ordinary background coming into F1 and going straight to the top, I think that will go down very well in many, many countries. So one thing is for sure - it is positive. How positive we will find out."

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