Mercedes says it will be disappointed if it does not win again in 2012

Mercedes CEO Nick Fry says he will be disappointed if the Brackley-based team does not win again this season

With Nico Rosberg having delivered the first victory of the modern Mercedes works team in China last month, Fry says there is reason to feel optimistic about the team repeating that triumph.

"I am very confident that we have got a fast car, and I think we have had a fast car from the beginning of this year for reasons we understand," Fry told AUTOSPORT. "When you do have a fast car you are always in with a good chance.

"It is going to be very closely fought but I would be extremely disappointed if there was not another win before the end of the year."

Fry says the victory in China has helped lift spirits in the team, and act as a spur to help it deliver better results in the future.

"Winning in China was very positive for us," he explained. "From an internal point of view, clearly after two years of under performance to get a win back under our belt raises the spirit in the factory and we have got a bit more of a bounce in our step.

"But, you also have to temper that by saying, the majority of people who are there in Brackley are the 'idiots' who did not do very well in 2008, and the 'geniuses' that won the championship in 2009 - so one should not get too excited by a single win.

"My view is that we have got the most talented technical team in F1, and the combination of Ross Brawn's guiding hand with Bob [Bell], Geoff [Willis], Aldo [Costa] and John Owen and the rest of the team is very strong.

"You have to look at the substance and the overall abilities of teams, and we have put ourselves in the position where I believe we can be consistently successful going forward."

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