Mercedes F1 team bounced back from Monaco error in British GP

Mercedes Formula 1 team principal Toto Wolff said he was pleased with how the team reacted to changing conditions in the British Grand Prix following its slip-up in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton was cruising to the chequered flag in Monte Carlo when his team blundered by calling the Briton in for fresh tyres, a decision that cost him the win.

But at Silverstone, when rain fell in the second-half of the race, the team made the right call with Hamilton to seal his third British GP victory.

Rosberg thought Hamilton call was wrong

"Monaco was particularly difficult because the virtual safety car played a role first time," said Wolff.

"It was very tricky and we had a problem in our system which made us decide what we shouldn't have decided.

"Here it was completely concentrated, calm, focused on the priorities and that was certainly a part of getting it all right."

Wolff said Hamilton was the one to make the call as to when to come in for intermediates but praised the team as a whole for its performance at Silverstone.

"This is a team. It is always a joint exercise, we cock-up together and we win together," he said.

What more could Williams have done?

"The exchange on the radio about what is happening out there on track, and the strategy regarding the traffic management were spot on today.

"Then finally, with the rain hitting us, it was just calm on the radio, and so good about what the options were.

"We had the guys in Brackley saying 'it's raining like hell here'.

"Then it was his call. He said the tyres were not good enough any more, and the rain was increasing.

"He made the pit call at the right time, and with the right amount of information that is what made the race.

"It was the absolutely right call, but it wasn't obvious, so leaving the other car out there was the right strategy in terms of splitting the cars."

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