Massa: New series may be best choice

Felipe Massa believes that maybe now is the time to start a breakaway championship, since there appears to be unity among teams about plans for the future

The eight members of the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA) have been given until Friday to drop the conditions attached to their 2010 entries or risk being left off the grid entirely.

And with talks between the FIA and FOTA about finding a solution appearing to have collapsed, it is looking increasingly unlikely that a deal will be reached in the next few days.

Massa has admitted that the situation is now of growing concern to him, as it will affect his future, but suggests that the time may well be ripe for teams to go off and do their own thing.

"The situation looks bad at the moment, but if agreement can be reached then it can have a healthy future," Massa told Ferrari's official website.

"If not, then we need to look seriously at what is the best option: as the teams appear to be united, then maybe it is time to look at doing something different that could be better for the sport."

Massa says that everyone in F1 is worried about what is going on, as the off-track politics begin to cast a cloud over what is happening on-track.

"Whatever happens on the race track this weekend, the current political situation in the sport is bound to be making the headlines again," he said.

"When I am driving the car, I never think about it and simply concentrate on my job of driving as quickly as possible, but outside the cockpit, I think about these problems, as they do affect me, as the relate to my future and the future of Formula 1.

"We are all very concerned about the situation and I follow the developments closely, as it affects my professional life, even if I can have no real influence over how the situation evolves: that's down to the people who govern the sport and those in charge of the teams.

"We need our sport to be in better shape, because over the past few months there have been some very stupid fights. Everyone needs to work hard to make the sport what it should be for the fans, the teams, the sponsors and the drivers. We don't need this fighting."

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