Kovalainen vows to get along with Hamilton

Heikki Kovalainen has promised Lewis Hamilton a trouble-free relationship next year, and insists there will be no repeat of the dramas the Briton endured with Fernando Alonso this season

The Finn was announced as Hamilton's 2008 teammate on Friday and, ahead of starting work with the engineers at McLaren's factory today, Kovalainen is already eyeing better times for the team.

"Obviously it's not for me to comment on the situation between the team and Fernando Alonso, but I'll do everything I can to help the team move forward," Kovalainen told

"The relationship with the team will be very good. I will do everything to try to beat Lewis, and I'm sure he will do the same with me. But if he beats me I will just go home, work, and try and come back stronger the following weekend.

"I won't cause any problems within the team. If there are any issues we will talk and we will solve any problems more creatively."

Hamilton's father Anthony backed Kovalainen's prediction of a more harmonious atmosphere in the team in 2008.

He told BBC London: "I don't expect any issues with teammates or other teams or drivers. We've all had a rough 2007 - I think everybody's focus next year will be: 'Let's just have a good year whoever wins' - that's what we want.

"Heikki is a decent guy, Lewis is a decent guy, and so I'm sure they'll get on well. We've known him for a long time - Lewis and Heikki raced karts against each other."

Kovalainen also told BBC London yesterday that he was sure he would be given complete equality of treatment with Hamilton in 2008.

"One thing I wanted to establish before signing was that I'd be treated equally," he said. "I think we can fight on the track as much as we can but off the track we can laugh about it.

"I think in the past McLaren have treated drivers equally - including this year. I don't think it will be a problem at all. We won't have any problems - I think we can help the team go forward."

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