I Won't Change My Style, Says Sato

Takuma Sato said he would not change his aggressive approach to racing in his BAR farewell on Sunday despite being punished for dangerous driving last week

Sato's 13th place in Suzuka was wiped out after he crashed into Toyota's Jarno Trulli, prompting furious criticism from the Italian and Toyota team boss Tsutomu Tomita.

The Japanese, who will leave Honda-powered BAR at the end of the season after picking up just one point in a nightmare 2005, was anxious to put the controversy behind him.

"It's better not to have any aggravation, but at the same time I probably have to be usually aggressive for the race," Sato told Reuters.

"Otherwise we can't get the result we want. This is my last race for BAR so I want to do well."

The Japanese driver was unrepentant about his problems in Suzuka and felt harshly treated by the governing FIA.

"It was harsh but if that's the way it is then there you go," said Sato, who will be replaced at BAR by Brazilian Rubens Barrichello.

"Obviously different people have different views. I've got my view and really I don't too much care about it."

Sato has worked hard to shed the 'wild man' image but he received a 10-place penalty for last month's Brazilian Grand Prix after barging Ferrari's Michael Schumacher off the track in Belgium.

He could count himself fortunate to escape a similar punishment for last week's indiscretion at Suzuka.

"At least there was no penalty this weekend," Sato said. "That was good enough and hopefully I can make something up this weekend. I really want to have a good finish."

Sato has been linked with a mystery team hoping to enter Formula One next year but could still find himself out in the cold.

"Obviously the circumstances now are really tough for me," he acknowledged. "But I have got to believe in myself and I've got to believe the people who support me."

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